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Well . . who knew I would receive the “2012 Annual Report for Patchwork Times”?  I feel like a CEO . . without the fat paycheck and perks that go along with being CEO.  There was lots of interesting info in my annual report but the funniest was this:

Top Comment 2012

I’m not sure what this says for you folks . . maybe you need a life . . or maybe I need a life but I thought this was funny.  Linda S., Judy D. and pdudgeon have been friends for years and years.  Linda in NE and Mel have been blog readers for several years I think.

Maybe we should take bets on whose names will appear on this list for 2013.  Who knew this info was being tracked, though I guess everything we do is tracked these days, but I’m surprised this and all kinds of other info came to me in a report.  Technology is amazing . . and scary!


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    HAH! Well, it would figure that this blabber-mouth would make it in the top of your commenters list. I pledge that in addition to commenting in 2013, I’ll be doing more right along with you. Or at least, I’ll be having a bit more of a life instead of staying on my computer so much. But I will check in with you most days, Judy, because you know how to have fun and I love reading about it!

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    You’re right. Everything is tracked! Paul always gave the grocery stores fake information so at least it didn’t know who it was tracking through the discount card. I suspect it doesn’t matter, that it knows anyway!

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    Oh. My. God. #1!!! My 2013 goal REALLY needs to be to keep my mouth shut…….and my typing hands firmly in my pockets. Or just call myself “Blabber-fingers.” 🙂 Maybe if I’d spent less time on the computer I’d have those two quilts done that I’ve been doodling around with all year. At least you know I read & enjoy your blog Judy!

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    I guess i need to comment more…LOL…i have lots to say. i’ll bet a lot more people are going to be commenting now. will that make us stalkers? hahahahahahahaha

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    Who knew who was tracking such things. But it does boil down to the fact that your blog is interesting every day Judy, and so is the input of those who comment. Taken together, you have the makings of a good novel.

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    Rose says

    Mmmm wondering if others from NZ follow and comment on your blogs too. I’ve really enjoyed following along with you day by day and look forward to keeping up with you in 2013. Thank you for the insight into your world!! Happy New Year from downunder xx

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    It’s scary what gets tracked. I read your posts most every day, but usually don’t comment. I enjoy all your funny husband stories, your thought provoking posts, and most of all, the joy that unlies all that you post. Thanks for sharing! Have a very Happy New Year.

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    I’m guessing all those stats are to help monetize the web. Anothe blogger i read posted her top 5 posts that were accessed… They were good tutorials. I was glad she did post, because i had forgotten whose blog i had read with a tutorial on making your own labels.
    At any rate, i generally check your blog a couple times a day. I love your humor, of course the chickens, Vince, knitting, cooking & quilting… and that precious grandchild! Happy 2013 & thanks for sharing your life! B

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    Brandy M. says

    That is so cool! I mean, I guess it’s creepy (all the tracking & wondering where else we’re being tracked), but it’s cool, too. In a fun kind of way. 🙂

    BLM 🙂