Flash Freezing Fruit

This week (and last week I think) blackberries are on sale at Kroger — for $1.  A while back, they had raspberries on sale for $1.  The blackberries are regular $3.99 (I think) . . getting them for $1/package is a steal.  Wednesday when I had to go get the tires rotated on the Honda, I went by Kroger while I was in town and got 10 packs.  I figured if they weren’t great, I could make jelly with them but they were great.  The seeds weren’t huge, like some tame blackberries, and they’re sweet!    When I went back to town to take the Highlander to get the tires rotated yesterday, I went back by Kroger and got 10 more packs.

I simply wash the blackberries, and lay them out on a towel with no lint.  Then I put them in the freezer til they’re frozen hard.  I wash strawberries and raspberries before flash freezing them but do not wash blueberries before freezing them.  I’ve heard that washing them ahead of time makes the skins tough so I take them from the freezer, and rinse them with a bit of warm water.  It washes them and helps them thaw a bit before adding them to whatever we’re eating.

Blackberries from the freezer.

Then I put them in the freezer til they’re frozen hard and then I scrunch the towel around til the berries all become unstuck from each other.

Single Frozen Blackberries

They’re placed in either a freezer zipper bag or a Food Saver bag and vacuum sealed.

Ready for Freezer

From the $10 in blueberries, I got 4 packs (one is in the fridge, three are in the freezer).  I keep blackberries, blueberries, strawberries and raspberries in the freezer and I only buy them when they’re on sale.  We sprinkle a few on cereal or on oatmeal and they taste just like fresh!  We sometimes use them when making juice too.

For $1/pack, I buy a few extras and freeze them and in the summer, when it’s so hot, I’ll throw some frozen fruit out to the chickens and they get a real treat.  Some day we’ll have our own blackberries, blueberries, strawberries and maybe raspberries, but for now, I’m very happy to find them on sale.

Be watchful for those bargains and be very sure that you’ll be able to preserve/keep the food til you can use it.  Anything that gets wasted is not a bargain!


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    Judy…I do this, too! I just bought 5 packages of blackberries this morning for a dollar a box. Great deal and they are delicious. I just got done washing them, they are drying in the colander and will put them on a cookie sheet in a little while and flash freeze them. I also do this with blueberries and strawberries. (I’ve never had a problem with tough skins on my blueberries.)

    I got a Yonannas machine for Christmas from my daughter and was reading the booklet and the things you can put through it to make sorbets and other desserts. I’m going to go to the store again this afternoon (on another errand) and buy some strawberries and some mango to flash freeze, too.

    I think I’m going to enjoy frozen fruit EVEN more than I already do!!

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    thanks for sharing your freezing process. I’m begging for an upright freezer with our tax return. I can’t find anything in the chest freezer even with an inventory! But I’m looking forward to spring and being able to freeze fruits and veggies.

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    Micki clemens says

    That was quite a bargain price! I don’t think I’ve ever seen them this cheap. What great deal. I’ve been flash freezing fruit for years. Do the same with peppers,esp red,yellow,orange. They’re only good for cooking, but it still saves money. Micki

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    i do that, too. and freeze bell pepeprs, too. today after the gym workout i went by the store. cans of Red Gold tomato products were 29 cents each….if you bought 10 cans. there was diced tomatoes, stewed tomatoes, tomato sauce, etc. i bought 30 cans. now we are set on tomato products for a bit. we have just about used up all the canned tomatoes from the garden last year. going to have a big garden this spring so i can so it again. you are my inspiration. keep on inspiring. thanks

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    I remember when we were little, mom canned blackberries (we had a ton that grew wild and us kids picking them) and tomatoes. In the dead of winter when we had little else to eat, mom would make creamed tomatoes with biscuits and for desert, creamed blackberries with biscuits. I really miss those days.

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    I , too flash freeze fruits when I get a good deal or have amount on hand.. that $1 a box is marvelous ,,not happening up here in Iowa $3.19 they were today.
    shipped in from another state and these are favorless . LOL
    looks like blueberries but no taste LOL

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    Lee says

    Yum, blackberries, we always picked them wild growing up as well as working for a man who grew them (thornless) as farm crops. Gotta watch out for those briars though, find a way to keep them contained, they will take over everything otherwise.

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    lynne quinsland says

    here in california we have 99 cent stores…..they have LOTS of produce there and berries are almost always there. i get my romaine lettuce there, 3 heads for 99 cents ;o) always buy my mushrooms and salad fixings there–fresh baby spinach and specialty lettuces are almost always there. they have just come up recently with brussel sprouts still on the stalk! how cute is that? and fresh!!! occasionally the produce is not up to par, but most of the time is really nice. i save ALOT of money by buying lots of things there. our favorite texas toast bread–yep, 99 cents! lots of their stuff is junk, and lots of their stuff you can get for less at the regular grocery, but i sure am happy with lots of stuff from the 99 cent store.

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    Norma V says

    i love frozen blueberries…yum….just like candy….i also dry peaches (early albertas) until they are almost dry and leave a few gooey ones in and put them in snack bags and freeze them, too….great snacks! yum, yum…

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    I do love flash freezing because the fruit is then in separate pieces. I freeze bananas and apples, mostly when they are in danger of not being eaten in time. I use these for my smoothies and it replaces ice cubes.
    When my kids were little, I made waffles with berry-peach sauce. I took frozen berries and peaches and warmed them a little in the microwave, but not completely thawed. I added yogurt, usually vanilla, and finished warming. In our house the only way to eat waffles is with berry-peach sauce. When I don’t have berries, I just use canned peaches, thicken the juice from the can, add a little nutmeg and then the yogurt.