How Are You Doing With Your List?

As of now, there are 89 links for folks participating in the “Get It Done” Challenge.  There’s still time to join if you want to do it along with us.

I added my list to the sidebar so I can easily see it.  I also printed it and stuck it on my bulletin board.  If you look at the list on the sidebar, the first four bullets are the items I REALLY want to get done and the last four are items I hope to get done.

We’re well on our way to finishing up the first full week of the month.  I am hoping to have at least one of my items done each week but in reality, it probably won’t work that way.  It will take me longer to quilt, bind and mail Margie’s quilt than it will take me to make Block 1 of the Comfort & Joy Quilt.

I’m hoping to get lots of sewing done tomorrow and Monday.  Yesterday I was sick.  Today we were gone half the day but that’s kinda how life goes . . pretty unpredictable.  Ever think how much you would get done if you spent all day every day sewing?  I don’t think I would get tired of it but I think Vince would get real tired of it and if Vince isn’t happy . . it’s real hard for me to be happy!

Speaking of sewing time .  . Speck must’ve caught what I had yesterday, if that’s possible, because he was sick today.  We got home from Home Depot about 3 and Speck would not come out of the crate.  We begged, we offered snacks, we took turns sitting on the floor pleading with him.  I put a sheet in the dryer and got it real warm and let him feel how warm it was, hoping he’d come out of the crate to snuggle under the warm sheet.  If you’re familiar with the average dachshund, you know why we didn’t reach in and grab him.  We both value having two hands.

He just sat in the crate and shivered.  We gave him a baby aspirin and finally, I said . . he’s a dog.  I’ve done what I can do.  I’m going to sew.

Just as I was finishing up, I got this email from Vince.

Vince’s email

That was an abrupt end to my sewing tonight!  I hope that I get Margie’s top quilted tomorrow and at least half the blocks made for the 2nd QOV.

I hope you’re all making good progress on your list!

The Benefit of Having Been Sick

Yesterday morning after breakfast, I went out and took snow pictures and then one thing ran into another and I stirred up a batch of bread . . but I never washed the breakfast dishes.  Then I fixed lunch and after lunch is when I felt bad and decided to take a quick nap, which turned into an all afternoon and most of the evening nap.  Vince fixed dinner which was grilled steak and baked potatoes, as planned, but after dinner, there were breakfast, lunch, bread making and dinner dishes to be washed but I just couldn’t so he said he would but he would do it “in the morning”.  Hmmm . . not what I would have done but I didn’t feel like arguing or doing them myself.

By the time I got up this morning, the dishes were done.  To be totally honest, I woke up and heard him washing them and decided to go back to sleep!

I have thought of every way possible to add a dishwasher to my kitchen.  I have too much stuff and too few cabinets as it is.  In MO, I had a huge kitchen with a ton of cabinets and countertop and even then, a lot of overflow kitchen items were stored on shelves in the garage.  The garage was right out the kitchen door.  Here, there’s not even a garage.  The overflow is stored across the driveway, upstairs in the barn.  Need the blender?  It’s upstairs in the barn.  Need the food processor?  It’s upstairs in the barn.

I have thought of making the master bedroom the new dining room and taking part of it and making it the laundry room, then expanding the kitchen into the master bedroom closet . . doing it right, of course, so it doesn’t look like I’m cooking in the closet.  That would involve building a new master suite.  Getting the eating area out of the family room would also make the family room larger.  Expensive!

I’ve thought of bumping out the outside wall in the kitchen and making the kitchen larger, including a laundry room, half bath and a garage.  Also expensive!

But, this morning, Vince did the dishes and by the time I got up, he’d figured out a way to put a dishwasher in the kitchen!  His proposal was to take out one cabinet and drawer, which I had been opposed to doing because I just couldn’t afford to give up any of my few cabinets.  To make up for the cabinet, he said we would take out the small buffet that’s currently in the eating area, and put in a much larger buffet with solid surface countertop so I could also use it for rolling pie crusts, kneading dough, cutting cookies . . all the things I detest doing on my tile countertops.

So, off to Home Depot we went and here’s the plan.

Buffet to add to Dining Area

My preference is to find some old cabinets from an old farmhouse and have our builder make something similar.  Vince is going to do some investigating and see what he can find.  He thinks new is the better way to go but he’ll see what he can come up with.

Maybe I should get sick more often!  🙂

December Color Palette Winner

Thanks to the blog readers who reminded me I was supposed to pick the winner yesterday.  I did forget.

Thanks so much to Vicki Welsh for sponsoring this project in 2012.  Don’t forget to check out Vicki’s Etsy shop for gorgeous hand dyed fabrics. And, check out the projects submitted for the December projects.

The winner is:


Congratulations and thanks to everyone who participated throughout 2012.