A Little QOV Progress

I am so very rarely sick but yesterday I could not get warm.  I thought it was looking out and seeing the snow but I just kept adding clothes and socks and blankets.  I made bread and when it came out of the oven about 1:30, I went to bed and slept til Vince got home about 4:30.  When I woke up, I had fever so . . I think I’m officially under the weather.

I had steak and baked potatoes planned for dinner.  We usually share a steak so Vince went ahead and cooked it and he ate it and the baked potato was good – nice and warm and fluffy.  I took aspirins and went to bed.

This morning, I don’t feel terrible but I don’t feel great.  We’ll see how the day goes.

Thursday I got more sewing done on my QOV.

QOV Progress

Sure hope I feel like sewing some today.



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    Micki clemens says

    Oh, the symptoms are ominous! Stay in bed, drink fluids and hopefully , feel better soon. Micki

  2. 3

    pdudgeon says

    yep, feeling cold and can’t get warm is the first sign of this year’s flu bug. it seems to be followed by a dose of acute bronchitis,so stock up on your appropriate meds (NOT ASPIRIN!) keep some jars of chicken stock and crackers handy and cuddle down into the quilts. This bug seems to last about 5 days followed by the bronchitis for another 5 days. Stay warm and get some needed rest, Judy. the quilting will still be here when you’re better. huggs!

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    Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well, Judy. I had a little “bout” a couple of weeks ago. I went to bed and slept from 2pm until the next morning. Did the same thing the next day and then I started perking up again. I had chills and bad body aches, but thankfully it went away quickly with lots of rest. Hope you are as fortunate.

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    Marilyn Smith says

    Went to the Dr. yesterday – severe sinus infection and on the verge of bronchitis. Taking heavy duty meds – I hope I am near the end of it. It has been almost 3 weeks this time around. This is also a relapse for me.

    Take care of yourself and get to the Dr. if you don’t feel better. DH had this for over 6 weeks.. Ours is a cold/cough type of thing, not the body aches, chills & fever. We did have our flu shot.

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    Diana in RR Texas says

    Take care, the sewing can wait. You need to be healthy to go see that adorable grand child of yours.

  6. 9

    Kathy Alden says

    I hate being sick!! Hope you feel better today. I was chilled the other day and also could not get warm. Then last night had the dry heaves. Suppose to help my husband today over in Oregon scope out a fire loss. He went, I stayed home. Back to bed I go! Does chicken soup really help?

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    Bummer! Sure hope you are feeling much better real soon! I hear there is a lot of crud going around right now!

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    Ick! Sorry you’re feeling crummy and hope you’ll soon be back in the saddle. Like you, I rarely get sick, but lots of people seem to be here lately. It makes me avoid town even more and when I do get home…I hit the shower right away. Don’t know if it helps, but it makes me feel better. You’re QOV is looking handsome! Now go curl up with a quilt and read until you fall asleep.

  9. 15

    Mary Jo says

    Been there already this year…hopefully for the first & last time! Hope you are better soon.

  10. 16


    I just went to the dr this a.m. Had it for a week and finally gave in. The cough is what got to me. Dr. gave me antibiotics and cough syrup. I just want to sleep. Sewing will wait.

  11. 17

    Sherry Moran says

    Went to ENT doctor Thursday, got 2 prescriptions, but there was a 2 hour backlog at Walgreen’s!! Pharmacist said lots of
    sickness going around. Take care – bed, warm shower, lots of
    fluids, warm soup, good book – then back to quilting!

  12. 18

    Rose says

    Sending Kiwi good wishes your way and hoping you’re back to your cheerful self soon xx