How Are You Doing With Your List?

As of now, there are 89 links for folks participating in the “Get It Done” Challenge.  There’s still time to join if you want to do it along with us.

I added my list to the sidebar so I can easily see it.  I also printed it and stuck it on my bulletin board.  If you look at the list on the sidebar, the first four bullets are the items I REALLY want to get done and the last four are items I hope to get done.

We’re well on our way to finishing up the first full week of the month.  I am hoping to have at least one of my items done each week but in reality, it probably won’t work that way.  It will take me longer to quilt, bind and mail Margie’s quilt than it will take me to make Block 1 of the Comfort & Joy Quilt.

I’m hoping to get lots of sewing done tomorrow and Monday.  Yesterday I was sick.  Today we were gone half the day but that’s kinda how life goes . . pretty unpredictable.  Ever think how much you would get done if you spent all day every day sewing?  I don’t think I would get tired of it but I think Vince would get real tired of it and if Vince isn’t happy . . it’s real hard for me to be happy!

Speaking of sewing time .  . Speck must’ve caught what I had yesterday, if that’s possible, because he was sick today.  We got home from Home Depot about 3 and Speck would not come out of the crate.  We begged, we offered snacks, we took turns sitting on the floor pleading with him.  I put a sheet in the dryer and got it real warm and let him feel how warm it was, hoping he’d come out of the crate to snuggle under the warm sheet.  If you’re familiar with the average dachshund, you know why we didn’t reach in and grab him.  We both value having two hands.

He just sat in the crate and shivered.  We gave him a baby aspirin and finally, I said . . he’s a dog.  I’ve done what I can do.  I’m going to sew.

Just as I was finishing up, I got this email from Vince.

Vince’s email

That was an abrupt end to my sewing tonight!  I hope that I get Margie’s top quilted tomorrow and at least half the blocks made for the 2nd QOV.

I hope you’re all making good progress on your list!


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    I have three cat with the sneezes, one of them has it bad, his nose is all red and swollen. I feel so bad for him! I hope Speck gets better soon!

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      Mel Meister says

      Cats get upper respiratory infections VERY easily and they hide it VERY well. If you can see that your cat is ill, the cat is MUCH sicker than you know. Please take the cat to the vet. All the sick cats may have it as it is very contagious.

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    I’ve got one item checked off my list of 4. I think tonight I’ll put the binding on the little quilt which will be #2 and then I won’t have any excuse for not making progress on the Eeyore quilt — the one I’ was supposed to have done back in June…

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    I have good starts on two of my projects. One will be marked off Monday, and the second a lot closer to finished. I also have been working on a third one. Only one I haven’t started yet. Hope Speck is better soon.

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    Poor Speck. Hope he’s feeling better. I have started on 2 of my items. One quilt is loaded on the long arm -that counts as progress, right? And I spent most of today paper piecing blocks. Got 2 done. Sigh. 4 more to complete my goal.

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    Kim says

    Poor Speck. Sounds like the change in the weather got to him. Glad to hear that baby aspirin helps.

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    Marie Gilkey says

    I had such high hopes for the ending of the year and starting of the new year, but I, too, got sick. Spent 4 days in bed, with the exception of cooking breakfast and dinner for husband. He does not cook, but he cleaned up any mess that I left behind. I just went back to bed. Setting up was not something I could do for days. Oh I have had the flu and pneumonia shots, but it was mainly sinus and head crud!! UCK!! But I have finally been able to sew and have one of my four almost complete. Made granddaughter’s quilt for next Christmas, just have a couple of borders to finish putting on and it’s a done project at this time. Getting older and slower just sucks!!!

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    Thanks for the check in on our goals! I need to figure out how to get them on my side bar. I have made some progress, but i have a sinus/ chest thing that has set me back. In our area this thing is turning into pneumonia so I stayed home from Bee today ;(. That’s where I was going to baste my quilt top… Maybe I can go to church adter work & use their tables so i can mark that one off!
    Glad Speck got better… And that you all are the way to getting more kitchen storage and counter space! Take care! B

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    Helen Koenig1 says

    Hopefully Speck is feeling better this morning. My kitties sound like me – sneezing, coughing, whatever – only I KNOW (as in HOPE I know) that mine is just sinusitis! Yuck!

    Re goals for January – like you I had hopes of completing one a week! Well, that so far hasn’t happened – HOWEVER today I hope to knock 2 off that list – ie the binding on Threadhead mini quilt, and the Stitch in the Ditch on the Fancy Flowers (hopefully also getting the binding done as well! – but THAT isn’t on my list! LOL) Want to work a little on my QOV (probably cutting more of the white squares – I’m out!) and definitely on Bonnie’s Easy street (don’t ask how far behind I am on THAT one! Just leave it at the Easy Street mystery is DONE – for everyone else and I’m just getting started good!)

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    My Maxie has days like that where he just wants me to hold him. Luckily, when I hold him tight, it usually helps him to stop shivering. Poor Speck! Hope he is feeling better!

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    This past week I was able to get the strips for Angie’s baby quilt cut out. That is my only progress so far…but I have high hopes for the remainder of the month.

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    What a happy email and what a lucky Speck! Hope he’s feeling better. Some things just deserve priority!
    I need to join in on the ‘Get it done’ challenge.

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    Helen Koenig1 says

    Binding for the Threadhead mini quilt is DONE! I just need to post a picture! Also have been working on that mini quilt for a friend – almost have it to the slice and dice point again (working on a mini-twister quilt) Tomorrow I want to finish up the Fancy Flowers placemats.

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    I’m making some progress on my 4 goals for January. The QOV qujilt is on the longarm and 3/4th quilted, then I got the crud too. Sneezing, sore through, sinus drainage and feeling sore all over. Sure hope it gets better soon.

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    Jerzydeb says

    I got 2 out of 3 of my BOM’s done – but the hubster requested a baby quilt for a friend of his who had his first grandbaby – so my list is put aside for now … VBS

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    Betty Edwards says

    Okay I really want to do this so that maybe I can get some UFO’s actually completed. I did make this vow for the last couple of years and last year I actually got 1 UFO completed. I can’t really toot my horn about that one because it was started for a dsil and we almost lost her so I got it finished before she left the hospital. It was a Christmas Door Hanger and I sent it in Jan and told them to put it up so she’d see if as long as she was here. Well a year later she is still with us; we spent Christmas with her and I got to see the Door Hanger on her door! Praise God for miracles!

    So my list is being worked on. Need to see what I want to complete first. Now if I can just stay out of starting new projects…which I know I can’t do! lol


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    Rebecca says

    That’s so sweet about Speck! I read this to my DH, as we are also catering to an elderly pet. He, too, understands priorities!