QOV #1 Top Finished

The first QOV top is finished.

QOV #1 from Sit & Sew

The center three strip portion of the blocks are made for two more tops.  The plan is to get those two made, then load up the longarm and quilt them all, one right after the other.


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    NancyB in AZ says

    Looks good! I like the pattern. I will be making one later, too much going on now.

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    Gosh! I wish I had gotten to sew this afternoon. DH and I left the house about 2 PM to go to Michaels and then Joanns, we stopped at Sams to get a rotessiere chicken and so that DH could snack…. We didn’t get home till 5 ish! Had dinner, cleaned up, and now I’m just tired….

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    Very pretty! After I get the borders on the first one, I’m going to do a second with 6.5″ squares of different patriotic fabs framed (saves stitching the 3 center rows together).