Margie’s Top Is Quilted

Margie’s backing had been pieced and the backing and top had been loaded onto the longarm early last week.  The great batting debate began as soon as the quilt was loaded.  I know I over-analyze batting choices but I love batting and think it can make such a difference in the quilt. I went with Hobbs Natural, a light batting.  I love the feel of a quilt with this batting but I do not love using it because it’s so fragile and difficult to get through the longarm without tearing.  I made it . . no rips!

Obviously I don’t spend a lot of time deciding which quilting design to use!  🙂  Once again, it’s Spiral Square by Keryn Emmerson.

Margie’s Top Quilted

I truly had planned to load the Baptist Fans template and use that on this quilt but then, in the end, the Spiral Square just seemed more right!

My panto is torn and stained and I think I might ought to order a new one because I’m beginning to believe that if something ever happened to this panto, I might have to give up quilting completely!

I used  Signature Cotton thread, the top color is Daisy (medium yellow) and the bobbin color is Buttercup (a darker yellow), simply because I was almost out of Daisy — didn’t have enough to use it on top and in the bobbin.

Margie’s Backing

For the backing, this blue/yellow floral has been in my stash for years.  It’s one of those fabrics that was probably purchased expressly for a backing but every time I start to use it, I think it’s too pretty to use and therefore, it’s been in the stash way too long so . . I used it!  It’s out of the stash!  Done!  Feels good!