Carrots – Copper Pennies

Have you made your carrot recipe yet?  Tomorrow is the day we share recipes and get a new ingredient.  I have no idea what that ingredient will be but I’ll think of something between now and tomorrow.

This is a recipe that my mom has made for years and I love them!  They’re so good in the summer when it’s really hot and you can come in and grab a few cold, sweet carrots.  The recipe says they will last for 6 weeks in the fridge but ours never last that long.

Copper Pennies

This is another recipe that even folks who say they don’t like carrots will probably love.  The trick to making them so good is to cook the carrots til they’re just almost done — we like them kinda crunchy.

This is the recipe that I like but I use a tad less sugar than the recipe calls for.

We eat the carrots and pretty much leave behind the peppers and onions.  Once the carrots are gone, if you have “juice” left, we had a bit of wine vinegar, along with equal parts olive oil, a bit of red pepper and a bit of dried oregano and this makes the best bread dipping sauce!


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    Thanks for the reminder! I just involved my family and we are going to try cabbage carrot casserole! DH got outvoted on carrot pudding. We are laughing. Of course, my son thinks I am crazy, but I tell him – at least I try new things. It will be fun! Oh no – now he is reading the pudding recipe – we might have to try that too. Cheers! Evelyn

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    Vivian Oaks says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE copper pennies!!! I have some in the garage staying cool – been there since Christmas. (It’s COLD in the garage here in PA.) Thanks for the reminder – I”ll have some for supper!!!

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    My mother-in-law always made this for holiday meals. My late father-in-law cultivated a huge vegetable garden when they lived in Baton Rouge. I have such fond memories of enjoying all kind of wonderful vegetable dishes. My mother-in-law is a talented cook. One particular vegetable my father-in-law grew that my mother-in-law and I can’t seem to find is Mexican squash. It was round and the skin looked somewhat like a melon. My in-laws moved to Arkansas in 2003, and my father-in-law passed away a few years ago after slowly drifting away. He suffered from dementia. Your Copper Pennies brought back wonderful memories! Yours looks divine!

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    Gwen says

    These are a favorite with one of my carrot eaters! She and I really enjoy them anytime of year but they really set of so many summer meals with that cool, sweet, sour crunch. We do leave out the green pepper. I have another recipe that would get my kids to eat carrots growing up. Need to try it again now that everyone is older.

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    Pat McG says

    You have reminded me of something my mother-inlaw used to make in the summer. They were so good. We liked to mix them into our tossed salads. Thank you for bringing that one back. We”ll do it again now.

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    How funny copper pennies. I have been teased about them by my 5 sister in laws since I first made them 35 years ago. The subject even came up again this Christmas. I don’t care, I still like them.

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    My mom loved those things. I thought they were OK. I fixed my dish to share tomorrow. Sure wish blogger was cooperating better with photo uploads.

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      The blogger issue seems to be an Internet Explorer issue. On the advice of someone from another blog, I switched to Firefox and can upload photos now.

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    Peggy says

    I never looked at the copper pennies recipe. When I would see it listed for a carrot recipe I thought it was a hot glazed sliced overly sweet sliced cooked carrot. This looks so good I am going to try to make some.

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    Nann says

    Copper pennies….an oldie but still a goodie! I think of it as a summertime dish.
    My easiest carrot “recipe” is to cook carrots (coins or matchsticks) and then add several spoonsful of marmalade and some ginger.
    My husband makes “smushes” — boil carrots, boil potatoes, mash ’em up.

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    Mel Meister says

    I’ve been making that recipe for Copper Pennies for several years now. It is delicious! The recipe says to cook the carrots, but I don’t. I leave them raw.