Miss Hattie

Has anyone been wondering how Miss Hattie is doing without Roscoe?  She’s fine.  She’s a chicken!  I’m not sure she ever noticed he was gone.  I’d like to think she mourned for a while and missed him at least a little but I think the truth is . . she did not.  I surely did.  It aggravates me every time I hear the Dominique rooster crowing.  I don’t like that rooster at all and it doesn’t seem right that he’s here, glaring at me with those evil rooster eyes, and sweet little Roscoe is gone!

Miss Hattie continues to escape every morning.  I let the chickens out of the coop, into their secure run and within minutes, she’s out.  She spends the day running around, all by herself.  She investigates everything around the house.  Some days she comes over to the far door by the sewing room to check on me.  Some days I see her out near the watering tank for the cows.  She definitely does whatever she feels like doing . . without a care in the world.

She gets on the front porch and peeks in the door to see what’s going on inside the house.

Miss Hattie on the front porch

Notice something hanging off her far side?  There’s a pecking chicken and at night she must peck them all so I have to keep duct tape over their naked spots to keep the pecking chicken from drawing blood.  Miss Hattie, being the free spirit that she is, will not leave her duct tape on.  I tape the other chickens and their tape will last about a week but not Miss Hattie.  Every single evening I have to re-tape her before I put her in the coop and sometime about mid-morning, she’s managed to get her tape off.

Over the weekend we tried to get a video and never did but no matter where she is, if she can hear our back door open, she comes running to meet us.  Sometimes she’ll fly a bit and run as fast as she can.  She reminds me of a teenager in a fast car peeling out and burning rubber around the corners.  It’s like she thinks she’s racing the other chickens to get to us first and she’s the only one that’s loose!

She’s still laying her eggs in her little spot on the rocks.  Every day I go out there and get one egg from the carport and get 12 eggs out of the coop from the “normal” chickens.

Miss Hattie is definitely a funny chicken.  I just wish Roscoe was out there with her.



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    Judy .. You need to write children’s books! Seriously! MissHattie’s Country Days do a series! I love her antics!

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    Sophie says

    I love every one of your posts but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Miss Hattie stories! Keep them coming!

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    This is the first Miss Hattie story I have heard and it is
    hilarous and I agree , children stories , the Wild antics of Miss Hattie.. I am so addicticted to your postings I find
    myself rushing back to email to see if another one. is
    waiting for me..

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    vickie van dyken says

    I think she pulls that tape off and then tries to locate your wherarabouts to show you who is boss 🙂 LOL She is a trouble maker alright and she likes to tout it !!!!

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    You need to make your chickens some chicken saddles! Primarily meant for feather loss due to *rough* roosters, they still will keep your girls covered so the bully of the bunch doesn’t peck them to death…and save your duct tape 🙂

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    This is my first Miss Hattie story I’ve read. It’s just so darn cute! I had to look up chicken saddle from Amy. While browsing the web I found this blogger who wrote about how to make your own chicken saddles. I’m sure that since you own a sewing machine you have oodles of time to do this! You can put it on your next Get It Done! Here’s the link: http://backtobasicliving.com/blog/make-a-chicken-saddle/ I’m sure will rush right over to look at this new project! I’m thinking that you could even make a quilted chicken saddle–Miss Hattie deserves nothing but the best!

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    Mary M says

    Why would you want Roscoe out there with her? It’s obvious to me she is pruposefully excaping from him. Oh the continuing saga of the life of chickens.

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    Brandy M. says

    I”m still sad about Roscoe, too!
    However…. I LOVE your Hattie stories – they absolutely crack me up! I can just picture you having a video camera on, and here she comes flying around the corner out in back of your house. I’m also glad you know where she’s laying her egg each day – that could be bad if she were laying & you didn’t know where.

    Keep your wonderful stories coming! <3

    BLM :).