First Quilt Finish of 2013

This quilt was started in 2012 but it was finished today and is now on its way to Margie.

Margie’s Quilt

Quilt Specs:

Size:  71″ x 85″
Quilting:  Square Spiral Panto by Keryn Emmerson
Batting:  Hobbs 100% Cotton
Top Thread:  Signature Cotton Daisy
Bobbin Thread:  Signature Cotton Buttercup


Vegan Maple Pecan Bars

Do you ever watch BlogHer TV?  The little button on the top right of my sidebar?  There’s some good stuff over there!  When they first started, there were just a few videos but now, there are quite a few.

I just returned from a visit to my neighbor and she had watched one of the videos and made these Vegan Maple Pecan Bars.  She shared one with me and I ate it on the way home . . which is just down her driveway, just a piece on the highway and then down my driveway.  They were so good and they’re actually pretty healthy!  The recipe calls for almond butter and she didn’t have almond butter so she substituted peanut butter and they were delicious!  I’m definitely making these . . maybe tonight!

Watch those videos . . there are some awesome recipes there!

Playing With EQ

When I take a break from sewing, or while waiting for water to boil while cooking, or while waiting for the dryer to go off so I can fold the clothes, I’m always doodling in EQ.  Often, the designs just get left behind and don’t amount to anything but sometimes, there’s one that I feel has potential and I keep working with it.  I’ve had this design up on my screen while I’ve been finishing the binding on Margie’s quilt.

Or, this one.

The blocks seem happy . . maybe it’s the colors or that Triple Stripe block that seems so fun.  I think I might want to make one of these.

This, my friends, is how additional UFOs happen when I’m supposed to be finishing projects!