Playing With EQ

When I take a break from sewing, or while waiting for water to boil while cooking, or while waiting for the dryer to go off so I can fold the clothes, I’m always doodling in EQ.  Often, the designs just get left behind and don’t amount to anything but sometimes, there’s one that I feel has potential and I keep working with it.  I’ve had this design up on my screen while I’ve been finishing the binding on Margie’s quilt.

Or, this one.

The blocks seem happy . . maybe it’s the colors or that Triple Stripe block that seems so fun.  I think I might want to make one of these.

This, my friends, is how additional UFOs happen when I’m supposed to be finishing projects!


  1. 2

    lynne quinsland says

    love them both! would love to see them fleshed out into a sew along. so far i have played with it seems hundreds of pantos looking for one that i wanted to use. got backing and batting prepared and finally just finished loading a quilt so am ready to quilt right after i get some lunch! doesnt seem like much for spending a whole morning on it….whew! i am hoping to have it off the machine before dinner. we might be eating at midnight though LOL

  2. 3

    Terri says

    If we are voting, I vote #2 in red. Very pretty. Is there such a thing as too many UFO’s? I stay around 4-5.

  3. 4


    Oh I love v.1. I don’t tend to like uniform quilts, but this one stuck my fancy. I would even like doing this. I don’t have EQ so it’s not going to happen. Oh well

  4. 5

    Mary in VA says

    I like version 1. The border really sets off the blocks. Now are we supposed to be telling you NOT to do this quilt? I don’t think that is likely to happen – you might as well conspirators in the UFO collecting…

  5. 6

    Irene in NC says

    I used to play with EQ (an older version), but now I have an Apple (MAC) and I have not found a good program…any recommendations, anyone ?

  6. 7

    Linddylou says

    I really like the one done in blue. Almost looks like it’s on point. And do scrappy…

  7. 9

    Donna says

    Both quilts look Happy, happy,happy as the Dad on Duck Dynasty would say! That’s what came to my mind when I saw them.. Happy,happy,happy.

  8. 10

    Kerstin says

    Please make instructions for the blue one for us! Please please please! I like how it looks on point but isn’t.

  9. 18

    Sherry Moran says

    I prefer version #1 – maybe ’cause it’s red, but I love it! Would really like the instructions, hint, hint.

  10. 19

    Diana says

    I just got EQ for Christmas. How on earth do you decide – I look at all the patterns there and just get lost.

  11. 20

    Diane in CA says

    Love them both.. very cheery. But I like the corners on the left side more than the right side on #2.

  12. 22

    Kate says

    Happy is exactly the right word to use to describe these quilts! Happy is how I felt the minute
    I saw the first photo. Love them both!

  13. 23

    Brandy M. says

    I especially love the top design – the one with the red borders. I like how the border triangle sets don’t go along the entire length of the side they’re on, so the pattern really looks like it “flows” better. Very nice!

    I have EQ, and can’t, for the life of me, figure out how to even draw up a square, never mind an entire “block design.” I need to find an online class or something!! I have a quilt that I really NEED EQ for, and would like to get back to work on it ~ but not till I know what I”m doing with the color placement. I guess that helps, huh? LOL

    Can’t wait to see your finished quilt(s) if you make this/these up, Judy!

    BLM 🙂

  14. 24

    Jennifer W says

    I haven’t looked at the other comments yet, just so I won’t be biased. I really like the top one. The 2nd one almost makes my eyes hurt with all the stripes touching. Love the red.

  15. 25

    Trudie says

    I have EQ7 but cannot figure out how to do much of anything in it. That would make a good new year’s resolution to learn it!