Vegan Maple Pecan Bars

Do you ever watch BlogHer TV?  The little button on the top right of my sidebar?  There’s some good stuff over there!  When they first started, there were just a few videos but now, there are quite a few.

I just returned from a visit to my neighbor and she had watched one of the videos and made these Vegan Maple Pecan Bars.  She shared one with me and I ate it on the way home . . which is just down her driveway, just a piece on the highway and then down my driveway.  They were so good and they’re actually pretty healthy!  The recipe calls for almond butter and she didn’t have almond butter so she substituted peanut butter and they were delicious!  I’m definitely making these . . maybe tonight!

Watch those videos . . there are some awesome recipes there!


  1. 1

    Debbie Rhodes says

    I watched that the other day and didn’t think about substituting the peanut butter… maybe now I will try it..

  2. 2


    I have used smart balance butter if I didn’t have almond butter and added in say vanilla especially if I don’t eat almond or someone is allergic to nuts! Works out well! And it is vegan and healthy!

  3. 4

    Vivian Oaks says

    I have a daughter who is Vegan, so I’ve already sent her the recipe. I also gave her a quart of maple syrup for Christmas, so she’s probably got most of the ingredients. I’m NOT Vegan, but I’m going to try them too. Thanks!!