QOV #2 Top Done

Who’s bright idea was this to make three tops just alike?  Boring!

QOV #2

I think I’m going to switch to working on the blocks for Nicole’s quilt for a while.  But, first, I’m going to get dinner going and then hopefully I’ll be able to sew more after dinner.


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    Boring, but a great cause! I’ve been quilting three hours so far. One hour break and now back to it! I finished sewing my Spiderweb blocks together. It’s time for the borders. I still have to piece the inner border. Will keep quilting until the 49’ers (yes I’m from California Bay Area!) start to play. After that is a Sacramento Kings basketball game; I lived near Sacramento for 10 years. Got my hopes up for each of them. Go Team!

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      Working on QOVs isn’t boring . . doing the same quilt three times in a row is boring, but I should have known better. I’ll get back to the third one after I work a while on Nicole’s top. Good luck with your team in the game.

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    I like this QOV pattern. I think I may do this for my next one after I put together the current string quilt that I am doing now.

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    Maybe boring, but you should be getting really fast at it now! =) If you don’t have the blocks for the first one cut and sewn, you might reverse the colors – lights for darks.

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    patti says

    no blog so i can never link, but i am participating in today’s and tomorrow’s quilt-a-thon. today i got half of my feathered star wallhanging done and tomorrow i hope to get the rest of it sewn. if i get to the borders that will be gravy!

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    rebecca burch says

    I, too, make QOV’s & I love this one! Is there a pattern for this or did you make it up? It’s fabulous & I know it will make someone super happy to get this beauty!