January 2013 Quiltathon Has Ended

At my house it’s over . . some may still be sewing.  I did not get all the bear paw blocks done.

Nicole’s New Beginnings Blocks

These blocks are a weird size — 11″ maybe.  All the full blocks were already cut and the corner blocks were made.  The half square triangles were made for all the blocks but my pieces are cut differently from the EQ drawing and I never took the time to figure out the sizes for the setting triangles so I had to do that and decide which half square triangles will be used in the setting triangles, which take 8 HSTs and which ones will go in the remaining blocks, which take 16 HSTs so that slowed me down a bit.  I got 5 blocks done, as well as one setting triangle block just to be sure I had my numbers right.  Tomorrow I should be able to get 4 more blocks done and a few setting triangle blocks made.

Thanks to those who participated.

The dates for the February Quiltathon are posted on the left sidebar.

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A Lesson From Speck

When the weight of the world is on your shoulders, when your friends have proven to not be your friends, when the bathroom scales have nothing nice to say . . what’s better than curling up in bed under a mound of quilts and taking a snooze?

Speck has a better idea!

Forget the covers . . just crawl inside the pillowcase with the pillow!

Wiggle around, squirm, curl up til you’re comfortable and completely hidden from the world!

Don’t stop til you’re completely invisible, totally under the pillowcase. Don’t leave your tail or your paw sticking out.

I’m not sure how long he recommends staying in there but my guess is . . two hours would do the trick!

He is feeling so much better.  In fact, he has so much energy and dachshund determination that Vince and I have both been left shaking our head in amazement and saying “Is that the same dog we had last week?”