A Lesson From Speck

When the weight of the world is on your shoulders, when your friends have proven to not be your friends, when the bathroom scales have nothing nice to say . . what’s better than curling up in bed under a mound of quilts and taking a snooze?

Speck has a better idea!

Forget the covers . . just crawl inside the pillowcase with the pillow!

Wiggle around, squirm, curl up til you’re comfortable and completely hidden from the world!

Don’t stop til you’re completely invisible, totally under the pillowcase. Don’t leave your tail or your paw sticking out.

I’m not sure how long he recommends staying in there but my guess is . . two hours would do the trick!

He is feeling so much better.  In fact, he has so much energy and dachshund determination that Vince and I have both been left shaking our head in amazement and saying “Is that the same dog we had last week?”


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    ALo says

    My mom has a long haired daushund who went through the almost exact symptoms as your Speck. Now she is also back to her old self as well. It was odd reading about your dog and finding my mom’s dog the same even at the same time. They thought my Mom’s dog had a stroke though.

  2. 4

    Peggy says

    I feel the same as Speck, I know the scale and you can work things out, but “he friends have proven not to be friends” bothers me!

    Best wishes to becoming comfortable with what ever happened.

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    Denise ~ Justquiltin says

    Speck has the perfect sleeping bag – glad he’s so much better! One of my brothers has a dachshund and “Sammy” has a towel he drags around to cover up in and same thing — not a bit can be sticking out from under the towel.

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    I admit that my heart skips a beat whenever I see “Speck” in the subject line of an emailed link to your blog posts. So glad to know that he is doing so well! I have never seen another dog who enjoys furrowing into the private sanctuary of a pillowcase. This post warmed my heart and made me smile!

  5. 8

    vickie van dyken says

    good thing your in Texas 🙂 In Washington you need an insulated (quilted) pillow cover!! Whew it’s cold here…

  6. 9

    Donna Keating says

    I’m with Speck. It is so cold today that his idea really appeals to me. I don’t handle cold well.

  7. 13

    pdudgeon says

    Awwww, what a cute trick. sometimes my cat gets the notion to do the same thing, diving in and covering up with quilts mostly.
    During Christmas our cat loved curling up under the Christmas tree, and really had a hard time adjusting to the loss when we took the tree down. if a cat could morn the loss of a tree, he mourned the loss of ours for more than a week.

  8. 15

    Rosalie says

    so good that Speck is doing well! With the cold North wind blowing, we all need to be completely covered up for our naps!

  9. 18

    KCLori says

    Like all the others who posted, I am so happy to see Spike feeling better. Don’t our furry family members give us so much joy?
    Love hearing about him!

  10. 19


    How cute. I’m glad Speck is feeling better. My cat loves to burrow in a quilt, and I have to be very careful if I leave one unfolded in a pile- I almost stepped on her one day.

  11. 20


    The first dachshund I ever met, had his own sleeping bag, and used to be zipped into it every night. My first was my 10th birthday gift, and slept under the covers in my bed until I was married and DH objected. Then he slept in his dog bed, after being tucked in each night, but when DH worked the late shift, he still kept me company overnight!

  12. 22


    That is so funny. I was always careful sitting on the bed of my exdh, when we were in HS. bc he had a Daschund that would burrow under the covers go all the way to the end of the bed. You wouldn’t know he was there unless you sat on him and he did bite…

  13. 23


    Speck covering all up must be something of a dachshund trait. Our daughters mini dach does this wiggle, cover thing too. So cute! I’m glad Speck is feeling better!

  14. 26


    Hmmm, I don’t fit inside my pillowcase, but between flannel sheets with a couple of quilts on top works too. I”m glad Speck is his old self again.

  15. 27


    He’d be burrowing here today, for sure. Penny has even dug under a quilt. Freezing last night, and more freezing tonight. Hello! This is SoCal!! Keep warm, Speck!

  16. 29

    Joan in NE says

    Have a tuxedo cat that does this with the covers on the bed. I will go back into the bedroom and find a bump in the blankets, when I lift the corner and peek she is under there sleeping. Crazy cat!!!

  17. 30

    Diana in RR Texas says

    We can learn so much from our furry friends. I love it when my girls curl up against. It’s nice and comforting, not a care in the world!

  18. 32

    Brandy M. says

    I’m so glad Speck is doing better! I love his pillowcase shenanigans – he’s so awesome!

    BLM 🙂

  19. 33


    My son and dil have beagle siblings who sleep on their own pillows, snuggled in their pillowcases with only their snoots peeping out, in side by side crates.. So cute!