January, 2013 Quiltathon Day 4

Our last day of sewing together but don’t let the momentum stop.  Keep those sewing machines running, quilters!  Even Vince has learned that Quiltathon means “I’m busy!  Don’t interrupt!”  Of course, he thinks it’s some big national day, he hasn’t realized it’s just a Patchwork Times “local” event and I’m not telling him any differently.  Heck, the way things have been going around here, I’ll probably see it copied on someone else’s blog in a few days!  🙁

So I’m back to sewing this morning and am working on Nicole’s New Beginnings Quilt.  After working on the strip pieced blocks for the QOV tops, these bear paw blocks with 16 half square triangles each seem to be taking a while but they’re so pretty.

Blocks for Nicole’s Quilt

Seven blocks are made.  I need 16 bear paw blocks before starting on the chain blocks.  I have the corner units made but not the side units so this is going to be slow going.  My goal for today is to get the rest of the bear paw blocks made.  The half square triangles are made and the pieces are cut so I should be able to get 9 blocks made . . maybe.

What’s everyone else working on?  Hope you’re getting in some good sewing time.


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    Roberta says

    Working on a quilt for someone else today so I will be doing sewing related things all day. Hubby been informed he’s cooking today, course there is stuff in the fridge to warm up so not too hard.

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    I’ve spent the morning pressing the backings for the two quilts that will be basted this afternoon. I also took my batting out of the packages, unfolded it and tossed it into the dryer for about 3 minutes – it really helps to get the creases out, that were caused by being compressed into the plastic packaging. Due to space limitations, I always buy packaged batting. I’ve also spent some time cleaning up my cutting table – finding a home for all the left-over bits and pieces. Now I’m off to make a few pastel blocks for the baby quilts planned by my group.

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    Diana in RR Texas says

    Have yet to find the sewing machine this sewathon! Something about things needing to be done in house, and i know you totally understand that one. Getting the huge load of wood chips for mulch Friday morning did not help and also my being under the weather. Like you were the other week. I did manage to help a little with the raking yesterday, but not a lot. The truck that delievered it was one of the big tree trimmers with grinder on the back at it was full to the top. About half of it is down and out of the driveway. I think the rest will wait until tomorrow-maybe i can sew a little this afternoon!

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    Wow, those are really pretty blocks. That’s going to be a great quilt. I got a bit way-laid by back spasms and a resulting shot in the butt, but (pun intended) I’m back to work today. I’m still working on my New Year’s Day QOV. I have a few nine patches left to make, everything else is cut and ready, so I just have to whip it through the Bernina. I do have a bookshelf quilt I need to quilt for a customer today, but after that, it’s sew, sew, sew!

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    Slept late, but after breakfast got to work on borders for the “ragged bull’s-eye” blocks I found in my stash. This will be a very adult style neonatal quilt for the Guild collection.

  6. 9


    Love the colors and blocks so far! Makes you so happy when looking at them!
    Since I am recouperating from knee replacement I am just looking at everyone’s accomplishments and drooling!
    Way to go everyone!

  7. 10


    What’s up? Is someone stealing your posts? That’s no fun 🙁
    I love Nicole’s quilt. In fact, I started one when you first posted the picture (you mentioned sharing the pattern, but I was too impatient to wait 🙂 ). I should pull it out again, now that my monthly goals are under control, and figure out what I need to do next.

  8. 11


    I haven’t been able to participate in this fully but yesterday I managed to sew up a jelly-roll 1600 top which I will cut into pieces suitable for the 5 sewing machine dust covers that have been so sadly/desperately needed. The top is pressed and ready…… Love those “Paw” blocks!!

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    I started on a baby quilt today – got the material cut into strips and two sets sewn together. However, that will be all I get done today…. daughter and granddaughter stopped by and now husband and I are going out for pizza.

  10. 13

    Jacqueline says

    I’m with Doreen that it hasn’t been an all day thing but I am very pleased with what I have accomplished this weekend. I have completed 3 of my Get It Done list and one which I was going to put on February so……… can I swap that with the 4th thing on the list and call January done? 🙂
    This weekend has been a marathon of accomplishing many tasks, I even got the Christmas tree down. 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration and I do like those paw blocks.

  11. 14

    Joan in NE says

    Spent the day pulling fabrics for a block exchange, a wall quilt for a class, fabric for another class I signed up for and trying to write some instructions for a class proposal. Oh yes, forgot, drawing up some ideas for the next round of the “keep robin” I’m involved in. (this is where its a round robin quilt,but each person makes the rounds for their own quilts,)

  12. 15

    Denise ~ Justquiltin says

    Started a quilt top yesterday – finished it today. so I’m pleased. Did you get the blocks you wanted to finish done?

  13. 16

    JanetB says

    I’m working on a t-shirt quilt for my cousin’s daughter. I finished my 2nd strip. The strip has four t-shirt sections of various sizes with strips and windmill blocks between.