January 2013 Quiltathon Has Ended

At my house it’s over . . some may still be sewing.  I did not get all the bear paw blocks done.

Nicole’s New Beginnings Blocks

These blocks are a weird size — 11″ maybe.  All the full blocks were already cut and the corner blocks were made.  The half square triangles were made for all the blocks but my pieces are cut differently from the EQ drawing and I never took the time to figure out the sizes for the setting triangles so I had to do that and decide which half square triangles will be used in the setting triangles, which take 8 HSTs and which ones will go in the remaining blocks, which take 16 HSTs so that slowed me down a bit.  I got 5 blocks done, as well as one setting triangle block just to be sure I had my numbers right.  Tomorrow I should be able to get 4 more blocks done and a few setting triangle blocks made.

Thanks to those who participated.

The dates for the February Quiltathon are posted on the left sidebar.


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    I love this quilt. I’m sure Nicole will love it too. I didn’t participate in this quiltathon. I’m a new follower, so can excuse myself by saying that I didn’t know about it. BUT…. next time I will be prepared! I love your blog.

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    patti says

    funny, but every time you refer to “bear paw” blocks, I do a doubletake. since your center sashing is a color rather than the traditional “match the background,” the block looks so different to me. I really like the look.

    I sewed two of the days, the first I got a lot done but today was the bad feeling in the pit of my stomache when I realizes I didn’t have enough half-square triangles, AND didn’t have enough fabric to make the 4 more that I need. this is a traditional and formal design so I’m trying to come up w/a viable substitute idea. thinking takes more time than sewing!

    thanx for the fun time!

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    You might not have done all you hoped, but what is done is absolutely beautiful, so that counts for a lot. I never sew on Sunday, so only have 3 day quiltathons, but I’m so happy with all I finished in those three days!

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    Thanks for the Quiltathon! I made some progress on my Easy Street blocks, but not as much as I had hoped. I really like your bear paw blocks. The colors are great. It’s going to be a beautiful quilt, and I can’t wait to see it finished.

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    pdudgeon says

    i finished the quiltathon in a way that i hadn’t forseen. i realized this morning that i had chosen entirely the wrong fabric (flannel) for my Easy Street quilt, so that’s now in a plastic trash bag along with flannel for two more quilts. Our climate has warmed up and changed quite a bit since i bought the fabric, and i just don’t need more flannel quilts, as nice as they are. So my stash is now lighter by 35 yards.
    Better to bight the bullet and deal wih it now rather than hang on to something that i can no longer use.

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    UGH! I did nothing sewing this w/e, except some mending! too much family stuff. I love the bear claws, I don’t think I;ve ever seen them done like that w differnet bright colors can;t wait to see it finished!

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    Helen Koenig1 says

    I got quite a bit of sewing done – DID finish the mini twister flimsy – but am taking the outer border off and re-cutting the inner border because the inside one just looks too wide!
    Didn’t get as much as I’d hoped to do – however am pleased with what I have – even if part of that pleased includes teaching on Friday and cleaning!

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    Jacqueline says

    Happy with what I crossed off the Get It Done List. Because of the list I was able to spend a productive 20 minutes in my sewing room. Normally I would have walked in there and wasted those 20 minutes. Will miss the February Quiltathon, in fact I am going to miss February as the calendar is full and not with sewing.