Socks Completed – #2 for 2013

These socks were some I started at mom’s in April and forgot them there.  I had about half of one leg done (if I’m remembering correctly) when they brought them to me at Thanksgiving.  They’re now finished.

Peach Melba Socks

The yarn is Djinni Sock by Dragonfly Fibers from The Loopy Ewe.  It’s 10% nylon, 10% cashmere and 80% Superwash Merino, 420 yards per skein.  I love knitting with this yarn.  What’s not to like when there’s even just 10% cashmere?


  1. 1


    Can you crochet socks that look similar to yours? I want my sister to make me socks for Christmas, she’ knows how to do simple crocheting, so I am giving her a year to learn. LOL

  2. 3


    Oooo, love the color..and soft to boot. What could be better?!! I wish I could knit but I can’t..tried a gazillion times. Only crochet.

  3. 4

    Laurel from Iowa says

    You must have the cutest feet in town! I love those socks – the color is so happy!

  4. 5

    Brandy M. says

    Love that color, and they look so comfy!
    Question: Do you keep all of your socks in the blue “shaper” things (sorry, I’m not sure what they are called?), or are they on there just right after you finish them?
    I am still deciding on learning to knit, but I envy your socks so much that I might have to! Judy D lives near me – maybe she will teach me… I’ll have to ask her! 🙂

  5. 6


    Two pair already? You are setting the bar awfully high, Judy! Love that color, and I’ll bet these socks will be well loved also.