Arctic Qiviut

This morning as I was going through my email, I had one from Allison at Simply Sock Yarn.  Even though I don’t need any sock yarn, when those emails come in from the yarn stores, I feel obligated to read them because someone took the time to write them and I never want to be rude.  In Allison’s email this morning, she mentioned the newly stocked supply of Arctic Qiviut.  I had to read it because . . well, it’s real hard for me to see a “Q” without a “u” behind it.  I should not have read about it for several reasons:

  1. It’s warm!  My feet would be so happy if they could get warm.  I slept in socks last night!
  2. It’s durable!
  3. It’s pretty!
  4. It’s hard to get!  That automatically makes me want it — anything that’s hard to get.  I’ll spend half my day watching their website and when it’s all gone, I’ll be so happy I got some.  I think that could be my hoarding skill  illness rearing its ugly head.

I normally wouldn’t pay half that much for a skein of sock yarn.  But for all the aforementioned reasons, and for the fact that my dad takes blood thinners and his feet are always cold, I ordered a skein to make him a pair of socks and for the additional fact that I’m not making him a pair of socks unless I have some for my own self, I ordered a skein to make some for me.

I think I’ve reached my yarn buying quota for January but . . you never know what might happen!  🙂


Do you ever wonder what socks someone like me might be wearing?  Someone who knits socks and has lots of beautiful socks?  Do you wonder if I try to match my socks with whatever I’m wearing?

Really?  You never even think about what socks I might be wearing?  Hmmmm . . well, no matter . . when I think about it, I will share a picture of my “socks du jour”.

Today, I’m wearing striped socks — pinkish/deep burgundy and black.  I think it’s Wollmeise yarn.  I could go back and find these either on the blog or on Ravelry but I’m not going to that much trouble.  I’ll give it my best guess.


If you’ve never worn hand knitted wool socks, you can’t imagine how good they feel.  I love my socks!