Do you ever wonder what socks someone like me might be wearing?  Someone who knits socks and has lots of beautiful socks?  Do you wonder if I try to match my socks with whatever I’m wearing?

Really?  You never even think about what socks I might be wearing?  Hmmmm . . well, no matter . . when I think about it, I will share a picture of my “socks du jour”.

Today, I’m wearing striped socks — pinkish/deep burgundy and black.  I think it’s Wollmeise yarn.  I could go back and find these either on the blog or on Ravelry but I’m not going to that much trouble.  I’ll give it my best guess.


If you’ve never worn hand knitted wool socks, you can’t imagine how good they feel.  I love my socks!


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    Today I’m wearing my brown wool-cashmere with pink argyle socks from Macy’s. I don’t knit, but I love to read about your wonderful Socks!

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    Inka says

    I am wearing brown Handknitted socks that my grandmother ( she is 92 years young) made for me last year. They are from 6-ply yarn and soo warm and comfy.
    Greetings from Germany, Inka

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    Ida in Central PA says

    Have you ever seen my sox posts on FaceBook? Occasionally, I post photos of my socks. It all started when I used to sit and chat with one of my co-workers who was in the Call Center used to check out my socks. She moved ‘downstairs’ to our IT department and lamented not being able to see my socks anymore, so I started posting them on FB for her. 🙂 She’s no longer w/ the company, but she still looks forward to sock photos. 🙂

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    Cathy Stoddard says

    LOVE THIS POST!!!! Just found out this morning that my gall bladder is coming out – on Monday!! I have made my recooperative goal to teach myself to knit socks!! I just love looking at you all”s socks. I have a BUNCH of books coming from Amazon – they should be here tomorrow. I havent knitted for years and am now trying to recall how to cast on???!!! Wish me luck – I’m gonna need it!!

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    Linda says

    I knitted and couple pair of socks and was hooked. Wanted to do toe up so got on you tube and made a pair of knee highs. I kept trying them on as I knitted and loved the way they fit. I bound them off and tried to put them on and they wouldn’t go over my LARGE calfs (binding to thight). Can you please give me some help? Thanks