Turkish Rose Pincushion

Doing the “Design Wall Monday” and the “On the Needles” posts and link boxes is creating a bit of a problem for me.  First, there are so many beautiful quilts on the design walls that readers share.  There were 111 links on there yesterday and that means there were 100+ quilts I want to make.  There were many of Bonnie’s Easy Street mystery quilts and just about the time I see one that I think is the prettiest one I’ve ever seen, the next one I see is just as pretty.

The “On the Needles” post usually sends me off to follow links on Ravelry and you know where that always leads . . to The Loopy Ewe, and then I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to sneak the “box of fun” inside without having to explain why there’s more yarn coming in.

Even the “Get it Done” posts are causing problems for me.  Sue had this post and down towards the bottom, were the cutest little pin cushions.  I wrote Sue to find out where I could get the pattern.  She put me in touch with Sandi at A Legacy of Stitches.  Sandi agreed to share the pattern and she has! Here’s her post about the pincushion, with a link to the free pattern.

Wool Felt

I ordered some wool felt and . . that’s as far as I’ve gotten but I can’t wait to make some of these cute little Turkish Rose Pincushions.  Thanks, Sandi, for sharing the pattern, and thanks Sue, for posting this on your blog and sharing the info with me on where I could get the pattern.


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    vickie van dyken says

    PO Box!!!! LoL Then you can pick it up …..whenever it is convenient???? Or just get vince a job….truck driving…ROFLOL I have a system….if I order when hubby leaves or day before….I usually get stuff when he is gone 🙂 Last month I slipped up and left a box in the car 🙁 Unfortunately Son-in-law ALWAYS (sore spot) has our pickup….so when hubby used MY car…well busted is the word..LOL sooooo I sent a purchase back, however I kept the 2 that I was smart enough to remove from said vehicle….hahahahaha It’s all good….I got a pkg today that he ordered from ebay……That entitles me to one freeby…..Such is life in the VanDyken home. Never a dull moment???

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    What fun to see that you liked my pincushion design so much that you wanted to make one! Or maybe you’ll be like Sue and make a bushel of them. Working with woolfelt is so enjoyable. Love the way the needle goes so softly through the fiber. Makes for very relaxing stitching! Enjoy!!