That’s what the recipient of my currently being knitted pair of socks called it . . serendipity.  I had written about choosing the sock yarn for her socks and I don’t think I mentioned that I struggled with the color.  The first couple of yarns I decided the color wasn’t perfect for her socks and I didn’t really want to use the Tourmaline color because I liked it so much and if I used it for her socks, I wouldn’t have it for socks for me.  Don’t worry . . I ordered another skein! 🙂

She wrote me back and told me:  “I was really tickled when I saw your blog post.  But I also wanted to mention how interesting it is that the yarn color is “tourmaline”.  I used to live on Tourmaline Avenue and, because of that, got fascinated by all things tourmaline.”

She went on to tell me that she had a piece of tourmaline jewelry, had made a tourmaline block for her birthstone teacup BOM series . . and isn’t it beautiful.

Tourmaline Block

Not knowing much about tourmaline, and wondering why my sock yarn is kinda grayish green with some purple and pink, I did a little research and it is quite interesting. You can read a bit about tourmaline here and here. It’s really interesting. And I thought it was just the color of my sock yarn!

Speaking of the socks, I have the first one finished and am making good progress on the second one.  I love this Caper Sock yarn. It just feels so good!

Tourmaline Socks

My skein of tourmaline yarn arrived this week and like almost always happens with hand dyed yarn, the new skein is quite different from the skein I’m working on.  The new skein is very green and hardly has any pink or purple in it.  I’ll try to find time to wind it into a ball and take pictures of it next to the other skein before it’s all used up.  I like them both but I like the first skein better.


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    Laurel from Iowa says

    I just love reading about the socks you knit and about the yarns you consider. I do not knit but my mom does – afghans. She is 85 and has kept track of the 115+ afghans she has made and given away.

    I forgot to tell you that on school days I beat Mother Nature – it is pitch dark and about -10 with wind chill outside. Brrrr!

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    I have had the beginning of a skein of hand dyed yarn look totally different from the end, so that the socks hardly looked like a pair. Hand dyed yarn keeps you guessing, that’s for sure!

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    linddylou says

    I have to say after about 25 years I have a pair of scoks on my needles…. Who knew I would have a hard time casting on. LOL

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    SharO says

    Hi Judy
    I’ve followed your blog for years now and my day would not be complete without ‘hearing’ from you.
    I have searched and can not find a pattern for your socks with the enforcement of the ribbing at the heel. Do you have a link for your pattern for socks.?