Socks Completed – #3 for 2013

Just finished the socks for my friend who did the applique on Addie’s quilt.


The yarn is Caper Sock by String Theory  in the color, Tourmaline, from The Loopy Ewe.  They’re plain socks made from the pattern, Classic Socks for the Family by Yankee Knitter.  Needles were 2.50 mm and I cast on 58 stitches.

Plain socks, knitted on double point needles, are my favorites.  No thinking, no counting, no untwisting tangled yarn.


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    Deb R. says

    I have made several pairs of socks using “Caper Sock Yarn by String Theory” I just love the feel of my socks. I make PLAIN socks, with all the wonderful colors of yarn, I am more them satisfied.

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    Helen Koenig1 says

    Love the socks! They are so pretty! You know – you’ve got ME started on this! Am still waiting for my order to arrive though!

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    Isn’t it funny just how fabulous the “plain” socks can be?! I love them. I’ll probably be making a few pair of plain socks before I can venture into anything non-plain… I can’t wait!

    BLM 🙂

  4. 11


    Love them. After FOUR YEARS of buying different yarn, different patterns and a multitude of DIFFERENT NEEDLES….my first successful sock knitting adventure resulted from using DPN and that same YANKEE KNITTER pattern. I owe it all to you, Judy!

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    Wendy says

    Guess, I won’t be buying the pattern. They want $25 to ship a $5.50 pattern to Canada. That is ridiculous!

    • 12.1


      Sometimes it’s more than just the cost of the shipping. For shipping to Canada, it may require a trip to the post office and they may be like me . . live a bit far from the post office and making a special trip many miles can be expensive.

      • Wendy says

        Thanks, Judy. I found the pattern on another site with much more reasonable shipping – $3.00. I’ve been trying to knit socks for awhile, but the pattern I have isn’t very good – at least once I get the pattern you use – I’ll have someone I can ask – if I get stuck. I’ve asked an experienced knitter here about the pattern I’m currently using and they couldn’t understand the directions either. Knitting socks can’t be rocket science – my Mum was doing them when she was 6 – unfortunately, I don’t have her to ask anymore.

        • Deb R. says

          WOW! tha does seem a bit High $$$ for a pattern. Have you ever tried for patterns. They have loads of FREE patterns and those that will need a small $ fee, They are all downloadable. Just an idea..There are hundreds of patterns for SOCKS.