Speck Update

Thanks to the many of you who have asked about Speck. He seems to be doing good.  He’s losing weight on his low fat dog food, which he needed to do.  Not sure if you can see how trim and fit he is in this picture.


He’s an old dog and he has a few medical issues but his pancreatitis seems to be under control.  He isn’t hurting and he seems happy so that makes me happy.  This dog has been my baby for almost 13 years now . . so you pet lovers know how it feels to watch him get older and more fragile.

Who Knows?

Sindy Rodenmayer has released the first block of a new BOM, Whoo Knows?  You can see it on her website, Fat Cat Patterns.  Thank you to my blog readers who all sent me email about this adorable pattern, which, of course, I have to do!  Sindy has lots of really cute patterns on her website so I’m recommending you all click on the link to her website, check out the patterns but especially check out Whoo Knows?

The pattern can be done as a Block of the Month or it can be purchased in full as an e-pattern for $19.95.  There are 18 blocks.

I haven’t made any decisions yet but I’m thinking about  . . dare I say it . . hand applique!

Whoo Knows

I have the perfect fabric for some of the green . . goes perfect with the black!

Dimples by Andover

Of course, it’s one of my favorite fabrics . . Dimples by Andover.

I just may have to start on the first block today.