Who Knows?

Sindy Rodenmayer has released the first block of a new BOM, Whoo Knows?  You can see it on her website, Fat Cat Patterns.  Thank you to my blog readers who all sent me email about this adorable pattern, which, of course, I have to do!  Sindy has lots of really cute patterns on her website so I’m recommending you all click on the link to her website, check out the patterns but especially check out Whoo Knows?

The pattern can be done as a Block of the Month or it can be purchased in full as an e-pattern for $19.95.  There are 18 blocks.

I haven’t made any decisions yet but I’m thinking about  . . dare I say it . . hand applique!

Whoo Knows

I have the perfect fabric for some of the green . . goes perfect with the black!

Dimples by Andover

Of course, it’s one of my favorite fabrics . . Dimples by Andover.

I just may have to start on the first block today.


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    Oh, i do love hand applique. I use several different methods: freezer paper on wrong side of fabric, on right side, plastic template with starch and needleturn. My biggest complaint is that hand applique impinges on time available for knitting!

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    Irene in NC says

    I came across this the other day as well, and have almost decided to participate…I have a classmate (from many, many, many) years ago, who is an owl fanatic – I think she would really appreciate this !

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    I have made several of Sindy’s BOM patterns and have enjoyed every one of them. I looked at the owl pattern this morning and am thinking about doing it too.

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    Sandie says

    Thank You Judy!
    My niece was an absolute owl fanatic. We lost her alittle over a year ago at 19 in a car wreck, and I have been looking for a quilt pattern to make for her mother and her best friend as a comfort quilt, and nothing I found seemed right – this does! I am downloading it today… Maybe I can make a block as a banner for the Cemetary too.

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    While I absolutely LOVE owls (my niece had 9 in one of her trees one night and we got pictures of them), that’s a little overload on that many owls in one quilt! HA The quilt you showed the other day with one was adorable!!

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    Joyce in OH says

    Thanks for sharing. I have a daughter whooo is crazy about owls. Maybe she will get one of these.

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    Joan in NE says

    Sounds like there might be lots of owls going to be made. I love Sindy’s designs and have made a couple of them.

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    Denise ~ Justquiltin says

    Are you trying to hurt me — it took me a few minute to crawl back into my chair after falling off from reading the words “hand applique” and your possible intention to do so. 😉 Your green is so perfect – I love the owl blocks that are sort of inside a pieced block.

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    I’ve got a tiny little bit of that fabric in that color, and I love it too. I also love it in cream. I got both pieces out of scrap bags from my local quilt store. I probably should get some yardage since I like it so much.

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    Donna F says

    I’ve already started mine. I love that cute pattern. I think a little applique will keeo you in good practice.

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    Rebecca says

    Yeow! I love it! But I do not need to start anything! I was going to finish things last year, and finished ONE project: the guild raffle quilt. I really intend to finish things this year, but have uncut fabrics for two projects already! Oh, what to do??