Back To Square One Clue #1 Winner

Please remember that your link has to be a working link in order to be eligible to win.  If your link is disappearing, that means it is not a working link.  Your link also has to go to the specific blog post because if you link to your main blog, when I check your link, I’m getting your most current post and not the post with your BTSO post.

For those without a blog, you can link to a photo on a free hosting site or even to your own Facebook page.  Some are struggling with the FB links but some are getting them to work so I know they will work.

Thanks again to Vicki Welsh for sponsoring this project.  Each month Vicki gives away a Stash Pack and you can see all of Vicki’s hand dyed fabrics on her Etsy shop.  I feel like a broken record but when you see the top she has made for this project, using her hand dyed fabric, you’re not going to believe how pretty it is.  Please remember Vicki for your hand dyed fabric needs wants.

The winner of the Stash Pack from the Clue #1 entries is:


Congratulations Julie!

Please get Clue #2 done so you can share your photo on March 1 and be included in the next drawing.