Two of Three Quilted

Yesterday was the designated day to begin quilting the three QOVs.  The 13 yards of backing had already been loaded.  The first top was loaded.  The sun was shining brightly through the window and making it hard to get a good picture.  This reminds me that I need to get blinds installed in these windows.

Three QOVs

Nine bobbins were loaded with Bottom Line thread.  I’m using the same thread, top and bobbin, for all three quilts. The quilting began after lunch.  Of course, it’s the same panto I always use!


The second top is loaded.


The second top was quilted.


Third (and final) one was loaded but it was quitting time so it will get quilted today.


The quilting will be finished . . maybe by the time you read this!  I’ll trim them and hope to get them all bound this week and hopefully off to Alycia next week.


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    Judy — I thoroughly LOVE your blog. I also am not much of a house cleaner. No one got a major disease from my lack of cleaning, lol. I live in northern Colorado and Alycia is in our guild. Once a month we have a QOV sew day and I always put her binding on, so it will be a delight to put the binding on your quilts, if that’s how you send them, or just to see them. My son is a recipient of a QOV and he cherishes it. As I said really enjoy your blog. Sharon in northern Colorado

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    Excellent! This blog reminded me to thank you for steering me to find this panto — it’s already my go-to, as well. I love it.

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    Venessa says

    Hi Judy: You are amazing, and a motivator!! Clearly the 3 quilts loaded is working!! Question, how do you sew your binding on? By machine on both sides? Thanks.

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    Looks like a great method that actually worked for doing 3 in a row. I know when I get another machine, I will really miss Paul pinning for me.

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    gloria says

    What is the panto you used for doing the QOV quilts you did three at a time and another question what fabric did you use for backing 45 wide and sewed it together. Love the Idea.

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    Teresa Kittredge says

    These quilts are great inspirations for the rest of us to get on board with making QOV Quilts. Thank you for posting the pictures. You mentioned you used the same panto for all three. Can you tell us which one it is. I am always on the lookout for new panto’s and new patterns.
    Hugs and Blessings!!!!

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    QuilterBea says

    The QOV quilts are beautiful and you always have so much going on. I, also, love the quilt you have hanging on the wall and would love to know more about it. It is very eye-catching and intriguing.