Another Pair of Socks . . With Pooling

Last night I finished my first Into the Whirled, Pakokku socks.  This color is Bigger on the Inside.

Into the Whirled, Pakokku Sock - Bigger on the Inside

Into the Whirled, Pakokku Sock – Bigger on the Inside

Yay!  I got some great pooling . . more on the second sock than on the first sock.  The sock on the right is the first sock I knit and the one on the left is the second.



Carol made socks using the same yarn but in a different colorway.  She cast on 60 stitches (same as I did) and she used 2.75 mm needles where I used 2.25 mm needles.

Into the Whirl, Fierce & Flawless

The next yarn I’m going to cast on is also Into the Whirled, but the color is Fierce & Flawless.  I love it so much . . even before I knit it.  In fact, I was going to order a second skein but last night I got a text from my friend, Amy, that she had ordered a skein of Fierce & Flawless and I guess she got the last skein.  I know she’ll love it as much as I do.

Then I spent an hour looking at yarn at The Loopy Ewe, trying to guess what else might create lots of pooling but then I said . . Hey girl!  You do NOT need more yarn!   But, I never listen to myself!  🙂



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    They turned out great. In the top photo, it looks like the stripes match up at the top and bottom of the socks, but then in the 2nd photo, it doesn’t look like the lower stripes match up. I like how they’re a little different from the other – it adds interest. Super fun!