New Quilt Along

All of the information can be found below but the links to the instructions will be posted here at the top so those participating do not have to scroll down through all this info.  If the link is not yet a click through link, that means that clue has not yet been posted.

Please note that the fabric requirements are listed below (down in the text).

Photos of Completed Tops

Instructions #1
Instructions #2
Instructions #3
Instructions #4
Instructions #6
Instructions #7
Instructions #8
Instructions #9
Instructions #10
Instructions #11
Instructions #12 (includes Border Chart)

The new quilt along will begin on March 16, which also happens to be National Quilting Day.  That’s almost a month from now so it gives you time to decide if you want to join in and, if so, to get your fabrics ready.

About the Project:

The name of this quilt is Road to Round Rock.  This quilt, depending on your fabric choices, can make a great masculine quilt.  The quilt, with borders, will be 82″ x 99″.  If you prefer to make a smaller quilt, the top, with just blocks and one border, will be 57″ x 74″.

You voted that you wanted a quilt along (instead of a mystery) that moves slowly.  It will move slowly . . enough!  🙂   It’s a very, very easy pattern.  Please try to keep up.  It makes it so much easier and more fun if you keep up with the group doing the project.  Instructions will be posted on Saturday, Monday and Thursday.  The blog post may appear any time during the day.   It may not be posted first thing in the morning but I will try to get them posted before noon (central time).

There’s a Group:

I set up a Flickr group for sharing photos and discussion.  Honestly, I have no idea if I did it correctly.  I’m not real familiar with Flickr so if I need to change something, please let me know (and maybe tell me how to fix it).  You may have be invited to join.  I wanted it to be open just to us quilters and not to weirdos.  If you need to send me an email to join, click on the envelope icon in the upper right of the blog.

The Quilt Drawings:

Please note that these are the EQ drawings.  This is the version I will be referencing for the fabric yardage.

Road to Round Rock

This version obviously isn’t a masculine version but some little girl would love it!

Pink Road to Round Rock

Or maybe a patriotic version:

Road to Round Rock Patriotic

Road to Round Rock Patriotic

This is a version showing hand dyed fabrics by Vicki Welsh.  Vicki’s fabrics are gorgeous and her gradient pieces really set off the outer border.  You can order the kit from Vicki here.  Please note that all orders must be placed with Vicki by February 26.  That will give her time to get the fabrics dyed and in the mail so you will have them in time to start the Quilt Along.

Vicki’s Hand Dyed Fabrics

And, finally, the version with just one border, which would be 57″ x 74″.

Road to Round Rock Without Borders

 The Yardage:

Please download the Road to Round Rock Fabric Chart, and tape your fabric swatches on the appropriate box if that will help you keep it all straight.

Please take into account that the yardage shown below are the amounts you need to use.  If you wash your fabric before using it, there may be some amount of shrinkage and you will need to purchase a little extra.

For the larger quilt, and the colors/fabric numbers correspond to the first drawing:

Black (Fabric 1) – 4-7/8 yards
Background (Fabric 2) – 7/8 yards
Rust (Fabric 3) – 2-1/8 yards
Light Green (Fabric 4) – 1-5/8 yards
Medium (yellow) Green (Fabric 5) – 1-1/2 yards
Dark Green (Fabric 6) – 1 yard
Binding – 3/4 yard

For the smaller quilt, with one border:

Black (Fabric 1) – 2-3/4 yards
Background (Fabric 2) – 7/8 yards
Rust (Fabric 3) – 1-1/8 yards
Light Green (Fabric 4) – 7/8 yards
Medium (yellow) Green (Fabric 5) – 1 yards
Dark Green (Fabric 6) – 1 yard
Binding – 5/8 yard

Print Friendly Icon:

Please don’t forget that in the bar at the bottom of each post is a print friendly button.  Hold your mouse over the icons and the names of each icon will pop up.  If you click on the print friendly button, a page will be generated and you can click on any items you do not want to print, such as photos.

If you have any questions, please post them here or in the Flickr  group.  I will probably be more likely to see them here first and since these posts will all be moved over into the free patterns page, your comments/questions will stay here for others to see.


  1. 2

    Linda in NE says

    Do you mean the orders have to be two Vicki by Feb. 26?? Mar. 26 would be a little late.
    I saw the first drawing and “Halloween” popped into my brain, but I really like the patriotic version too. I’ve already got too many projects going that have deadlines and learned that I have to add two baby quilts to the list so I won’t be playing around with the rest.
    You know, some folks think us quilters are weirdos, but really, what do they know. 🙂

  2. 4

    Rosalie says

    I would like to join in this quilt along. Do I need to purchase the pattern before hand also or just the material? Sorry I have never participated in a quilt along before so this will be my first time.

  3. 5

    Sandy says

    Do you have any idea of the duration of this Quilt Along? I have some other projects starting in late April and I’d like to know if this will be done before then.

    I love your blog, and I am so thankful for your generosity!

  4. 7


    Trying to sort out the exchanges if one were to do patriotic–in order listed, would it be dk dk blue, cream, red then lt, med and dk blue?

  5. 8

    Betty Edwards says

    Oh gosh to choose a coloring. I am trying to branch out of my color paths and try something different for me. Will ave to play with this if I can do a mock up in Eq7.


  6. 10

    Susie Reardon says

    I am in….I really like this pattern and want to make a quilt for my husbands birthday. Thank you.

  7. 12

    susan rizzi says

    Maybe it is just the colors on my monitor but on the small quit I can only count 4 fabrics. Since that is the one that I think I am going to try to make, would you somehow be able to make the fabric numbers on your picture?

  8. 14

    Joan in NE says

    I like this one, but will be at the Quilt Study Center in Lincoln that day. Humm may have to put this one on my bucket list.

  9. 16

    Diana Stewart says

    Love the title! So I will definitely have to make it, I would anyway! Will have to do some stash shopping, see what I can come up with. Thanks for being so generous .

  10. 17

    Sherry Moran says

    Sounds like something I will try. Of course, Yoda said, “there is no try, there is only do!”

  11. 18

    amy says

    I am in…..Looking through my stash. I like the prospect of Halloween or maybe even Christmas Colors, but leaning toward Halloween or fall colors, that is what I have most of. I am a virgin at Flickr, so here it goes.
    Amy in Ohio

  12. 21

    Lynn says

    Hi Judy,
    I am just making my shopping /search list. The deep red fabric you show- is that the binding? Otherwise I can’t see it in the fabric requirements. I hope it not a silly question.

  13. 22

    Katie says

    I love the patriotic color scheme! I ordered my fabrics tonight and am excited to get started on this in March. 🙂

  14. 24


    Time for me to start a QOV, so I will be doing mine in RWB. Any chance that cutting instructions will be posted before kick off day? I will be in California at a soccer weekend with my family. I will probably have my sewing machine as the men might play golf on the way home (spring break!). Guess who will be sewing?! 😀

  15. 25


    This is a great looking pattern, very masculine looking. I will be doing mine in R/W/B for a QOV for my brother, who served 21 years in the Air Force.

  16. 26

    Carlene B says

    I would love to join this group quilt project. I am new to quilting so I hope instructions are something I can follow!! Looking forward to it. Ready to go fabric shopping now!!!

  17. 27


    I’ve picked my three main fabrics and my accent fabric. Tomorrow is “bag lady day” at a LQS. We get 15% off with a store shopping bag. I’m going to get my background and darkest fabrics with that. I won’t be able to join the quilt along until Tuesday. Sunday is marathon day! (26.2 miles! What was I thinking?)

  18. 29

    Irene in NC says

    Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow…..and I have a Board meeting and a workshop all day – maybe if you post the instructions early enough, i can do some cutting before I have to go???? (I have to elave the house at 8 am – hint, hint, hint)

  19. 30

    Debra in New Mexico says

    Going to make the patriotic but with just the first 3 boarders making the outside boarder a bit Wider. I think this will be a great QOV.