Millennium For Sale

I’m thinking about upgrading my Millennium, simply because I’m a dealer and my machine is an older model and when someone comes to see the machine, I’d prefer that they see a more current model.

Mine is a 2004 with a 12′ table.  It’s in excellent condition.  You know that I use it often and if I had any problems with it, I’d be complaining on here . . loudly!  🙂

I don’t want to deal with having to ship it.  I do have the original box with packing materials that was used to ship the head to me  The table comes apart and is easy to put back together.

I’m asking $9,500.

Please contact me ([email protected]) if you have any questions or if you’re interested.


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    Marilyn Smith says

    Judy, don’t forget to list it on the APQS forum. They have had many upgrades over the years and the bliss is wonderful as are the m & m wheels. Really makes a difference. And, I hear they have changed the front of the machine as well. Just heard about that this week. Then, there is Quilt Path – have not jumped on that one yet.

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    Someone’s going to snatch that up lickity split! If I had a room for it, and if we weren’t getting a new horse trailer next month, then it might very well be calling this dirt road home. Alas, horse trailers trump quilting machines.

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    Wow! That’s a great price. I wish I had enough business to justify buying it. I’d even rent a truck and drive to Texas to get it, just so I could meet you at last. I hope you sell it quickly and can get a new one with all the bells and whistles.

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    CindyM says

    I sort of forget that you are a dealer! I’ve definitely settled on an APQS machine.. just waiting for the spot to be ready and then decide how many bells and whistles I want to pay for. But at this price, I’d be considering this if we lived closer.

  5. 8

    Sandy says

    Alas! No space in my house for it! And not enough loose change to buy it. Would be fun to have one, though!

  6. 9

    pdudgeon says

    hope you find a good home for it. it’s a tough time to be selling now, but maybe there’s a quilter out there who just needed an extra nudge to jump on the waggon and buy it from you. Best wishes on your sale.

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    Sadly, no room for such a frame/machine! Awesome deal!! My sit-down long arm will suit me for a long time I think. The best to you!

  8. 11


    Wish I didn’t have to wait for son #2 to come and go – about 2 years. LOL I’m going over to Charlotte for that 3-hour APQS demonstration/class thing on March 7. My son lives there, and that’s why I picked that one over Nashville or Atlanta. I’m looking forward to it. If I decide to go with APQS in a couple years, I’ll be on your doorstep. =)

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    Fantastic price Judy! I paid $11, 500 for my APQS factory refurbished 2003 Millenium four years ago. I would love to have Bliss but just can’t justify the expense–I did install M&M wheels when we arrived in Texas and what a difference those made!!

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    Those new Millenniums seem to have a whole host of bells and whistles, and look pretty swanky. I’ve gotten so used to my straight-up handles on my Liberty that I have a hard time with the ergo handles when I teach at a show and have to borrow someone’s machine. I think my students are wondering, does this woman really know how to quilt? ;P