Get It Done – March, 2013

Where did February go?  I’m going to say that at the end of each month!  Time passes way too quickly.  I hope you all made good progress on your February list.

My list was:

1.  Quilt and bind Addie’s quilt.  Done!
2.  Quilt all three QOV tops.  Done!
3.  Bind all three QOV tops.  Not Done
4.  Sew Nicole’s blocks together and get border blocks made.  Done!

I didn’t get the three QOVs bound.  But, I did get Nicole’s top completely done and completely quilted so that’s not bad.  I wanted to get Nicole’s quilt finished so I could take it to them when I go and not have to mail it.

My list for March:

  1. Bind all three QOVs.
  2. Quilt two tops that need quilting.
  3. Bind the two tops that I quilt.
  4. Make all the blocks for the red/gold/navy/white QOV that was on my design wall week before last.

Please share a link to your blog post where you discuss your February goals/completions and list your March goals.

Is making the list and reporting it to us helping you to stay on track and get things done?  I hope so!


  1. 1


    No it’s not helping me! but maybe if I actually reported! I have finished 1 linus quilt, the second should be done by tomorrow, and I’m hoping to get borders on my Easy Street quilt, and a trip around the world quilt on the frame to be quilted next.
    What the posts about monthly accomplishments does for me is see that I am getting somethings done, but at a different pace. Acceptance that I’m not as fast is OK too!

  2. 3

    Linda says

    I have not been a list gal but maybe it’s time. I do not have a blog but will make my list here for March
    Quilt 2 charity baby quilts
    Quilt one of my quilts
    Finish one UFO
    Love your Cowl, so bought pattern yesterday and have it started so hope to have it finished also
    Read your blog every day

  3. 4

    Marie Gilkey says

    I only got half of my list done this month, but only because I have to make a run to Joann’s to get material to finish two of my projects. So will add to March’s list and do better in March.
    March List
    1 & 2 Finish grandkids Christmas quilts
    3 Make mini Mondo Bag for myself
    4 Make quilt for Boys Home for donation at Christmas

    See how this goes next month.

  4. 5


    Actually this has help. It makes me think about it instead of just flying by the seat of my pants, I may not get everything accomplished but that’s OK, it actually forces me to take a serious look at things and decided maybe it’s not as high of a priority as I though, Thank you Judy for the little push each month.

  5. 7


    This is definitely helping me. I’m always busy in my sewing room – but the commitment and deadline are the only reason 2 of my goals got finished this month. I would happily have ignored borders on one quilt for another few weeks, but knowing I had to report meant that I knocked them off over the weekend. And my embroidery project got worked on -just as far as my goal made me. So I’ll have to start extending that goal, if I want to catch up 🙂

  6. 8


    Well, I do like lists but have trouble sticking to them in the face of distraction and inspiration. Does that sound like a valid excuse? 🙂 Thanks to the challenge, though, for keeping those four things uppermost in mind. I did work a little on all four but didn’t finish anything this time.

  7. 9

    Pam says

    Even though I am a hand quilter, productivity much slower, your making lists inspires me and increased the amount of work I did. Thank you. March will be nil, for me as a spur of the moment decision sees me and my best friend travelling to Europe ending our 3 week trip in Keukonhof gardens for the tulip festival, inspiration, inspiration, inspiration

  8. 10


    Finished most this time, but health trouble and family drama got in the way of getting it 100% done. I love this reporting, it helps me feel accountable to someone!!