Road to Round Rock – Instructions #7

Step 1:

Using the pieces from Instructions #5, and the pieces from Instructions #6, make 2 of the following blocks.

Step 2:

Using the pieces from Instructions #5, and the pieces from Instructions #6, make 4 of the following blocks.

That’s it!  The main blocks are done.

UFO – Blueberry Hill

Sick of seeing my UFOs yet?  Hope not . . there are more!  So far, I’m just pulling out the tops that need quilted.  Here’s another one.

Blueberry Hill

Most of these tops are getting pieced backings but this one is getting an extra wide backing.  Yay!  No piecing!

Ready to go onto the shelf and wait for a new longarm to arrive . . whenever that might happen!

Blueberry Hill with Backing

There are two shelves that have fabrics that I considered to be good backing fabric.  I was so hoping that once I pulled all the backings for these tops, I could condense it down to one shelf but so far, I’m not making much of a dent and it’s still taking up two shelves.

Road to Round Rock – Instructions #6

Step 1:

Using the half square triangles from Instructions 3, make 12 of the following units:

Step 2: From Fabric 3, cut 2 – 3-1/2″ strips.  Cut these into 16 – 3-1/2″ squares.

Step 3:  Using the squares from Step 2 and the four patches, make 8 of the following:

Step 4:  Make 4 of the following:

That’s it for today.  In the next instructions, we’ll finish up with the main blocks.  Please get caught up if you’re not already caught up.

Dear Eggs,

Chad is now an adult and I post good stories about him but, if you weren’t reading my blog when he was in high school and the first years of college . . and I wasn’t blogging during middle school . . the boy about drove me crazy!  He never got in real trouble, and I’m thankful for that but he was definitely a typical spoiled rotten only child, trying to pull the wool over mom’s eyes . . and too often he was successful.

I’ve shared this story before but while looking for something else this afternoon, I came across it again.  I’m going to get it framed and hang it in my sewing room because every time I read it, I smile.  I remember exactly the night it happened and I remember wanting to scream . . and maybe I did.  I needed to make a recipe early the next morning and I needed 5 eggs.  Chad wanted to make cookies and it was going to cause me to be short one egg but I told him to go ahead . . I could get by with 4 eggs.  I don’t even remember how he managed to drop them into the sink and ruin them . . but he did.

Here’s his self-explanatory letter that he wrote on his own accord . . probably instead of doing homework!

Letter to Eggs

“Dear, eggs,

I am sorry I dumped you down the sink ending your already not started life but still you went through the food proscesser (garbage disposal) and did not do much good to my cookies.  You just ticked off mom and left her with only 4 eggs left.  But yet I am sorry I will never see you again but you will be food still to some little animal down the drain.”

If you’re a parent of adult children, you probably can relate.  If you have small children . . life is going to be so interesting.  If your kids are in middle school or high school . . good luck!  :)