New Beginnings – The End!

This is the final time I will show or talk about Nicole’s New Beginnings quilt!  It’s finished.  It’s been delivered.  It’s been photographed and she loves it!

New Beginnings

It was too wide to spread out across this section of the porch so we had to fold one side back.  I was hoping to get a full picture of it but I guess that’s what happens when quilts are that big!

Name:  Nicole’s New Beginnings
Size:  102″ x 102″
Panto:  Square Spiral by Keryn Emmerson
Batting:  Hobbs Heirloom 80/20


  1. 1


    Forget the quilt she looks so happy!
    I think you have one very happy Daughter in Law.
    Fabulous quilt, beautiful family.

  2. 3


    What a lovely picture of a very happy girl with a beautiful quilt. They belong together. Sounds like youv had a wonderful visit. The boys will be glad to see you home not to mention the chickens, the cows and all your other creatures. Drive safe.

  3. 4

    Rose says

    Jealous much!! The quilt looks so beautiful, well done you! Nicole looks absolutely delighted 🙂

  4. 5

    NancyB in AZ says

    Doesn’t she look happy! What a beautiful quilt and a very appreciative daughter-in-law. Have a safe trip home. I bet Addie will miss you. (and vice versa, of course)

  5. 11

    Lee says

    Beautiful! Both of them! One gets a better perspective of the quilt’s size when someone is standing behind it, Wow!

  6. 13


    Has anyone who received a quilt ever looked happier about it! You definitely hit a home run when designing this quilt for her.

  7. 14

    Nancy Angerer says

    I love it too, how could anyone not love it. But she is the one who counts:)

  8. 15

    judy dietrich says

    Looks like a great cuddle up quilt that she can share with her daughter!!! She looks totally happy. Looks like you made her day with this beautiful quilt—what a nice gift for this special person in your life.

  9. 16

    Mary says

    Gorgeous! Enjoy your visit – we just saw the kids and are heading back in 3 weeks!

  10. 24

    Patty R says

    The quilt is beautiful…But I like the pictures of the Grand Baby, she is so cute and pretty blue eyes…

  11. 25

    Bev says

    Absolutely awesome quilt. I look at it with a sigh…it’s so gorgeous. I agree with Shirley. The QM folks need to scoop this one up if they haven’t already. She looks so happy! Much happiness to you all….

  12. 26


    The quilt is beautiful and Nicole surely seems thrilled for receiving it. She is lucky to have a great mother-in-law like you, Judy.

  13. 27


    Well of course she loves it! She’s a smart girl…and a lucky one! It’s absolutely gorgeous, Judy! It’s a super design and that border…wow.

  14. 28


    Such a lovely quilt! The colors are so pretty, and I like how the border triangles line up with the colors of the half blocks in the center.

  15. 30

    diana says

    The quilt is beautiful, and Nicole sure looks happy. I bet alot of time will be spent with the three of them curled up in this quilt! Do you take asewing machine with you when you travel? Addie is having such a good time at the park, look at that smile!

  16. 31

    Laura says

    I think this is my favorite of all your quilts that I’ve seen. Just gorgeous.

  17. 32

    Carolyn says

    You’ve definitely put yourself on the “reasons why I love my mother-in-law” list!

    The quilt is lovely, as is your daughter-in-law, but your wee grand-daughter, Addie, is one absolutely gorgeous baby girl. You are a blessed Grandma!

    Safe travels home!


  18. 36

    Marion Bryant-Parsons says

    Dear Judy,
    I thought you were going to give us the pattern of Nicole’s New Beginnings quilt as you had with Nicole’s Sofa quilt.?It is so lovely & I already love her Sofa quilt. I don’t think I could duplicate the quilt so a pattern would be appreciated.
    Marion B.P. (Australia)

  19. 38

    Gina says

    Judy, Nicole and Chad’s quilt is absolutely beautiful. And Addie’s is beautiful as well and I love the material for the backing ohhhh sooo soft.
    I finally got to go see them first time since Christmas because we kept fighting the flu and cold junk everyone loved to share.
    Just wish I could have seen you when you got to come up, but maybe next time.
    Take care. Gina