On the Needles Friday

On my needles today:

Wollmeise Sock Yarn

Using 2.25 mm needles, I cast on 60 stitches. After finishing the ribbing, there’s obviously diagonal striping.  Sometimes the ribbing can be striped, but just because of the extra yarn used up with the ribbing stitch, the yarn will pool once the stockinette begins in the leg of the sock, as what happened here.  Other times, the diagonal striping pretty much continues, as what happened here.  In an effort to hopefully spur a little pooling, after the ribbing, I added 4 stitches so I am not knitting with 64 stitches instead of 60 stitches.  It’s hard to tell if I’m going to get pooling or if I’ve just reversed the direction of the stripes.  In either event, the yarn is gorgeous and no matter how it turns out, I’m going to love these socks.


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    I’m beginning to get a feel for what happens with color change yarns depending on how long between color changes. Between knitting my scarf, where the distance between the color changes was huge, and where it never has repeated yet with two balls of yarn, and reading your blog where you are describing your experiments, I am learning quite a lot about this stuff.

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    I love the blogging world. People we have never actually met, can have such a good influence on our lives. I resisted the sock making for quite some time. But now I think I’m hooked. I’ve ordered yarn, some of which might be suitable for the pooling challenge, in which case, I just might join in.

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    Anita says

    I have found pooling sometimes depends on which end of the hank of yarn you start with. A few years ago I had two balls of yarn, same dye lot and yet apparently wound differently, my first sock pooled and the second one was stripping. I wanted the pooling effect as the yarn was camouflage greens, naturally I unraveled what I had knitted and rewound the ball.

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    Fun! It’ll be fun to see what happens. Could you share your trick for getting Wollmeise? Every time I’ve ever checked it’s out!