Comfort & Joy for April

It’s the 25th and I remembered to post the Comfort & Joy update . . a miracle!  We will be working on #4 in April.  It’s the Santa block in the top right.

April Block

April Block

A reader let me know about the following error in this month’s pattern:

The 8″ paper pieced pattern for the star is marked incorrectly.
..what is marked C should be D
..what is marked B should be C
..what is marked D should be B
..A is correct
Are you keeping up to date? Do you have three blocks done so far?  I do!  In fact, I have 6 blocks since I’m doing two of these.  Remember that I’m not doing a great job of following directions and I didn’t reverse any of my applique pieces . . rules . . who needs them?  🙂
Comfort & Joy - 3 blocks

Comfort & Joy – 3 blocks

If you’re up to date, please share your progress.  I know about how many of you bought this pattern and I’d like to see more links . . please??


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    I would love to share a picture of Comfort and Joy but I don’t know how to send one. I have an old phone and have never learned how to send a pic. Keep saying My friend will show me how but then when she is here I forget to ask her how. Guess I am just getting to old.LOL Maybe one day. Dana