Back to Square One Mystery, Clue #4

At the bottom of this post will be a link box.  Please link up to your blog post or photo showing your project with all the clues so far completed.  A drawing will be held on Thursday for the winner of a Stash Pack from Vicki’s Etsy shop.  Thanks again, Vicki, for sponsoring this mystery and the gifts!

Your center should be made now.

Clue #4, Step 1:

Fabric 2 – Cut 4 – 2-1/2″ strips.

Cut two strips to 32-1/2″ and attach to the sides of the center.  Cut two strips 36-1/2″ and attach to the top and bottom of the center.  Your top should now measure 36-1/2″ x 36-1/2″.

Clue #4, Step 2:

This is the block we will be making for the pieced border, which is Border #2.  The blocks will be 4″ finished or 4-1/2″ unfinished.

NOTE:  If you use Electric Quilt and would rather paper piece these blocks, this is called “Economy Patch”.  If you are cutting and piecing the traditional way, please follow these directions:

Fabric 6 – Cut 20 – 2-1/2″ squares.
Fabric 4 – Cut 20 – 3-1/2″ squares.  Cut these on the diagonal twice so you get 4 triangles from each square or a total of 80 triangles.
Fabric 3 – Cut 40 – 2-7/8″ squares.  cut these on the diagonal once so you get 2 triangles from each square or a total of 80 triangles.

Sew the Fabric 4 triangles to opposite sides of the Fabric 6 square.  Press, and sew the fabric 4 triangle to the remaining sides.  Press and then do the same thing using Fabric 3 triangles.

Road to Round Rock – Instructions #8

Today we will make the setting triangles and corner triangles.

Step 1:

Using Fabric 4, cut 1 – 9-3/4″ strip.  Cut it into 3 – 9-3/4″ squares.  Cut those on the diagonal twice to yield 12 triangles.  Ten of these will be used and 2 will be leftover.  We will be making 10 side triangles.

Using Fabric 1 – Cut 7 – 3-1/2″ strips.  Sew a strip to one side as shown.  Trim the angle.

Sew another strip on top.  Be sure there is sufficient length to be able to trim the edge at the 45º angle.

Make 10.

Side Triangles


Step 2:

Using Fabric 4, cut 2 – 5-1/8″ squares. You should be able to get these from the leftovers from the above strip.  Cut those on the diagonal once to yield 4 triangles.  Using Fabric 1, Cut 2 – 3-1/2″ strips.

Leaving about a 4″ tail on either end, sew the Fabric 1 strip to the Fabric 4 triangle.  Trim the edges using a 45º ruler or a 45º line on any ruler.

Make 4.