UFO Parade

Here’s your chance to link up and share your list . . long or short . . with the world.  Are you brave enough to do it?

UFO List as of 4/15/2013

My list is on my right sidebar as a link list.  From the sidebar, you can click on any name and at least get a picture.  I plan to start adding my links as soon as I start a project and hopefully I will keep up with them . . maybe . . hopefully!  There are 25 currently on my list and I know there are more.  Probably at least a dozen very old projects lurk in bags and boxes, hidden out of sight and for now, they can stay hidden.  I’m going to work through them or donate them.  I am going to do better.

On Wednesday, we’re going to start doing a link box for UFO Progress so each week we can report to each other how we’re doing.  How’s that for helping to encourage each other?  Today’s links will be text but on Wednesday in the future, they will be thumb nail (picture) links.

Please share a link to your list!  This link box will remain open through the end of 2013 so for anyone seeing this late, feel free to list those projects lurking, waiting to be finished, and link up with us.



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    Got it done, you dared me and I had to! I added a Tab at the top of my BLOG for the LIST. My Blog Post has pictures.
    Please delete the first Link I put up.

  2. 2


    Wow, the linky is working strangely today! It tells me I’m on there, but I can’t get it to show, and the whole urls are displayed. Weird!

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    shirley bruner says

    i put mine link out there but it is not showing. the links are going horizontally…..4 at a time….and you can’t see them all….so mine might be out there somewhere.

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    Trish says

    Well, this is timely. Were you peeking in my window last week? I started pulling together a number of my quilt tops to show my Brother & SIL and was very surprised at what I pulled out! After they left I’ve spotted more! Spotted, rather like bird watching, you never know when one will show up and where it has been hiding!! I need to get some pictures and pull these together.
    One that popped up is scrappy christmas stars. I don’t have any idea what I had originally planned so I need to refigure what to do. lol I have a bad feeling that I will see many more like this! Thanks Judy!!

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    Thanks, Judy, this has been a brilliant idea…a UFO parade. When I first read about it, I thought I could never share my UFO’s, for I would be so ashamed. But seeing so many more bloggers who are in the same position as I….and they are blogging about it….has completely removed the shame I have felt. I don’t have the gumption to pull my UFOs out to parade them, but they are listed on the side of my blog; that is how I keep track of them.