A Call for Quilts

The news coming out of West, Texas, a town near Waco, isn’t good tonight.  There was a fire and explosion at a fertilizer plant there.  I only know what I’m reading online but it sounds like quite a few houses were destroyed, as well as damages to an apartment complex and a nursing home.  I’m praying the injured will survive. Property can be replaced.

Let’s think about sending some quilts to help those who have suffered a loss.  Even when we have insurance to cover our property, it’s nice to know someone cares enough to give something they’ve made.  I saw it first hand in Joplin, MO after the tornado and in the Bastrop, Texas area after the fires.

We all have lots of UFOs . . we’ve just listed them.  I have friends in Waco who can help distribute the quilts.  Please don’t send anything yet but be thinking about what you might can get finished quickly and send to me.  I’ll post again after I know more.

Thanks to quilters for your generosity!  I will never forget your generosity in Joplin.  We were in the midst of the move and I hadn’t planned to do anything but you all wanted to do something and you did.  We may need to do it again . . I’ll let you know more later.



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    Beth says

    Initial reports on San Antonio news…at least 60 dead. West is a great little Czech town…many of us traveling I 35 corridor stop there for their great bakeries and gas. Such sad news

  2. 2

    Quiltinggranna says

    watching continuous coverage now in the Dallas area. 60-70 deaths and many injuries. 4 block area around the plant heavily damaged or destroyed. now evacuating the entire town because of fumes of fires. hundreds of emergency personnel from surrounding towns arriving to help. asking for no more EMS personnel. most critically injured have been helicoptered out. just said most fires in town have now been contained, 11pm.

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    Mel Meister says

    They are evacuating the firemen and emergency workers. A big tank is going to blow any time now. I heard that about 20 of the early response teams were killed in one blast.

    • 3.1


      Sometimes the early reports are not accurate so let’s pray the numbers are not as high as we’re hearing and let’s pray for all those affected. There are a lot of folks hurting . . physically and emotionally . . tonight.

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    Adrienne says

    Watching on Canadian National news…..so very frightening. God bless all responding to this emergency and lets hope those early numbers are exaggerated.

  5. 5

    Patsy says

    My son-in-law is there – he works for Atmos Energy, His son, my grandson, is in West as a member of the Golinda volunteer fire department.. So many have answered the call to help out,. Just praying there isn’t another explosion which is a possibility.

  6. 6

    Margie Campbell says

    I don’t think the early numbers will go down…so sad…just a very sad week so far…praying hard for all those in need.

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      They’re saying this morning as many as 15 may have died. Early on, the numbers are often wrong. Even one life lost is a tragedy but those first numbers were horrifying. I’m still praying it’s fewer rather than more.

  7. 8


    I just woke up having listened to “marathon” news all yesterday ( our daughter lives near Boston) and can’t believe you are handing me via your blog even more bad news of a plant explosion. This is quite horrible, what’s happening to the world! More quilts to make . . .

  8. 9

    Kim Webb says

    Just wanted to send my thoughts and prayers to all the people affected . Hopefully those early numbers are not correct and will go down.
    Being a first responder myself (EMS) it is very hard to hear about the people going in to help becoming casualties also.

  9. 11

    Julie L. says

    I have a couple quilts I can send and will get busy making some pillow cases. I will pass the word ot my quilt groups and see how many we can round up.

  10. 12


    I have a drawer full of blocks that I can assemble & walking foot quilt – both for adults and kids – I’ll watch for more details.

  11. 13


    I have a completed lap quilt hanging right here on a chair that’s leftover from a hugs project we completed. You are welcome to it. It has hearts on it.

  12. 14


    I have three tops with backs & batting sitting here that a friend and her daughters pieced. They’re just waiting for me to quilt, bind and donate. They were going to be QOV quilts but it sounds like they may be needed in Texas this time.. I can always make more QOVs.

  13. 19


    Judy, I have quilts on hand ready to send. Just provide an address and I’ll mail them!
    I’ve been to West and bought kolaches from the bakery there.

  14. 20

    Carolyn says

    I have some quilts to send. My daughter-in-law is from there. Luckily her folks live out in the country, several miles away from town.

  15. 21


    I do have at least one quilt top… It is finished being pieced, and would be fitting for a young girl’s room. I’m not sure I’ll have time to quilt it, though. I’ll work on that!
    I’m so sad about this. What a horrible tragedy!
    Hugs to Texas!!!!!

    BLM 🙁