Another UFO

Are you tired of my UFOs yet?  Since I’m adding a link to them, the best way for me to get a link is to do a blog post and if I do a blog post . . well,  you see it here.  Soon . . maybe . . I’ll get them all listed.

Road to Llano

This is my Road to Llano quilt.  Llano is a gorgeous little town south of here.  A lot of it is on the Llano River, which makes us want to find a weekend place there every time we see how nice it is there.  But, with chickens and a garden, our weekends need to be spent right here working and tending the critters.

Anyway . . this is a quilt I had thought about doing as a mystery and I guess since I’m showing it here, it won’t be a mystery!  🙂

I’m not sure why I stopped working on it but all the rows are sewn together and the border blocks are made.

Road to Llano

It’s very nice to come across one with everything organized and all the instructions right there together.  Wish I did that more often.  If I get any sewing time at all over the weekend, I could have this top finished soon.


  1. 1

    Trish says

    I really like this quilt!! I agree, isn’t it great to run across one so well organized! After reading about how organized alot of your readers are when they pack up their UFO’s, I want to be That organized for mine. This is very inspirational 🙂 As I pull mine out I want to find (as much as possible) matching fabric ( hopefully) and the directions if possible, or at least make notes about what I want(ed) to accomplish with them!! This may not be easy to do, but I am determined to get these done. Thanks for setting a fine example!! (wink)

  2. 2

    Linda Kay says

    I love the colors in this quilt! If you did this as a quilt along, I could see myself making this one. 🙂

  3. 7

    Janet says

    The colors and pattern are a knock-out! This is a quilt I’d love to make! Will you be posting the pattern?

  4. 9


    Love this Road to Llano quilt. Perhaps besides the design it’s the color that is eye catching. Looks good and I’ll look forward to seeing how you finish it. Love your finishes and gald you are having fun with that new machine set up. Jane

  5. 11


    I love this one! The colors are beautiful and such a striking layout.

  6. 12

    Sherryl says

    Oh my gosh – LOVE those colors. I have been thinking alot about purple and green lately – wishing there were fabrics out there in purple – and then you go and show me this! Dang it – I really need to make a quilt in these colors. GORGEOUS! Finish it girl! (hee hee – like I don’t have a zillion UFOs of my own)

  7. 13

    Penny Holliday says

    Judy I’m glad that you shared this one rather then keep for a mystery quilt! It’s gorgeous & I love it! I am enjoying that you are sharing all your UFO”S! Viewing your UFO’s is just like a wonderful quilt show! I love your designs and all the color combinations! So inspiring! Thank you so much,
    Penny in S CA

  8. 15

    Helen M Poole says

    OMG,,, please do a quilt along with this one.. I have lots of purples left over from my “Shades of Purple” quilt I made recently. The colors are wonderful..

  9. 16

    Julie in Tucson, AZ says

    This would make a wonderful quilt along!!! I’d love to do it in that way.

  10. 18


    It appears that I am just one of many who really like the colors in that quilt. Lavender/purple and green just seem to go together so well. Why couldn’t my granddaughter have painted her room those colors instead of orange/teal blue? 🙂

  11. 21

    Pat McG says

    Would love this pattern either in your free patterns or in a book, but I don’t have EQ. Will that leave me out?

  12. 23


    This one calls to me too. Of course I haven’t fimished my Easy Street yet, but I know I will have lots of left over greens and purples — just enough to make this. Maybe when you decide which way you might go (pattern in book or free on blog), I’ll have my other one finished. Love the dramatic look.