Houdi Has Siblings!

Houdi hatched on April 4.  There were 8 eggs still under Louise.  We waited and waited and waited and nothing happened.  We talked about throwing out the rest of the eggs this past weekend but just never got around to it.  I’m glad we didn’t!

Yesterday, I heard a whole new chirping sound and went in there to find another baby.  Today, Houdi is being the big sister or big brother!  Look at that sweet little face!

Two Baby Chicks

It looks like Houdi is teaching the new chick everything he needs to know!  I suppose that look on his face is about the same as most little kids when mom comes home with a new baby.

Baby is Eating

The baby has been eating like a little pig.  I think it’s so funny that the mom and dad are both snow white.  These babies are yellow with just a bit of dark gray.  The last babies were gray and black.

And here’s a third one that just hatched this morning.  He isn’t venturing far out from under the warmth of mom.

Third Baby

See his little head sticking out!  It’s SO much easier having babies when the mom is there to care for them and we’re not having to keep heat lamps on them.


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    Such cute little chicks. I remember hatching chicken eggs for a high school biology project way back when, and it was a LOT of work keeping them warm and fed and out of trouble.

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    They are precious. Love to see your pics. Wish my DH would be willing to build a coop and help me to raise some, but I know that is impossible. I’ll just enjoy yours.