A Meyer Lemon Tree

A year or so ago, we bought a Meyer lemon tree.  We knew it would have to stay in a pot so we could bring it in to protect it from the cold.  The little tree was puny when we got it but I was so excited to find it at Home Depot, and it was the only one left.  I knew I could nurse it back to health and while it isn’t dead, it definitely isn’t healthy.

I thought maybe re-potting it would give it a boost.  Nope, didn’t help at all.  Maybe fertilizing as recommended would give it a kick start.  It bloomed and smelled so good, little lemons appeared.  Maybe it was going to make it.  Then the little lemons fell off.  The leaves began to fall off.  It’s still hanging on by a thread but it isn’t doing well.

A couple of weeks ago, Cullen’s Hometown Market, a local nursery/produce center, had some gorgeous Meyer lemon trees.  I wanted one.  They were $44.  Vince said “I am not paying $44 for a lemon tree when the other one you have is half dead.  It isn’t like it’s my fault it’s half dead and if it wasn’t half dead, I wouldn’t need another one but I wasn’t going to argue.

I was there last week and the trees were just full of lemons.  I almost bought one but didn’t . . Vince had said no and I didn’t want to show up with the lemon tree but had to convince him that we needed one.  It cost my friend more than $40 to ship Meyer lemons to me.  Good grief . .

Yesterday, when we went by Cullen’s to get something else, I said “I really want one of those lemon trees!  I want it so much that we’re getting one today!”  He said ok . . and we got one.

Meyer Lemon

It has at least 20 lemons on it.

Baby Lemons

There are places where baby lemons were but are no more.  The trees were sitting by the door and I’m sure children (or adults) picked them to smell them or whatever.

No Lemons

Me:  Look!  It has at least 20 lemons on it.
Vince:  Will they all make lemons?
Me:  Maybe . . but look how many it used to have.
Vince:  What happened to those?
Me:  I don’t know  . . kids may have picked them or they jut got knocked off.
Vince:  We should have bought the tree when they first got them in.

Really, Vince?  And why didn’t we?  Nope, I didn’t say a word.  I’ll just pamper and baby both my lemon trees and hope that I get at least a few lemons this year.




  1. 1

    Karen Langseth says

    I love using Meyer lemons….way better tasting in bars than regular ones.

  2. 2

    Quiltinggranna says

    I’m using Meyer lemons tonight in my Greek chicken kabobs. I get them at Central Market in Dallas.

  3. 3

    shirley bruner says

    i got a meyer lemon tree a few weeks ago…bought online. it came with lots of leaves…was about 6 inches tall. within a matter of days….all but 3 of the leaves fell off. i did everything i could think of. finally just set it on the coffee table and told it to live or die. LOL it how has some new growth. i so hope it will live and i can actually get some lemons. i hope yours does well, too. this summer i bought lemons from a lady in louisiana. i want my own!!

  4. 4

    Diana says

    I wonder if a Meyer Lemon tree would grow here .. Hmmm.. something to think about and ask the local growers. I love Meyer lemons-they had them,at Sprouts not long ago …

  5. 5


    Wow, I’ve had my tree for 4-5 years and it’s never looked as good as your new tree!! I’ve averaged 12-14 lemons/year. Not sure it’s worth it for so few lemons!

  6. 7

    Nan says

    Good for you for not saying anything. It could be the fruit dropped off because the tree was not able to support all of those fruits. Good luck with this one!

  7. 8


    I bought one of those several years ago at WalMart. It grieved me to pay almost $30 for it, and it was tiny. Now, I have to trim it back all the time to keep it within reason. I cover it when the weather gets too far below freezing, but did not have to cover it at all this year. Last year we had SO many lemons. You will be glad you did it!

  8. 11

    Cindy from CA says

    I love my Meyer lemon tree also. I live in No. California where it rarely gets below 29 degrees. When it is forecast to get below 32 degrees, we cover our citrus trees and also provide a light inside (helps to increase the temps a couple of degrees). You could use a light bulb on an extension cord or some of the old-fashion Christmas lights. The new LED lights do not get warm.

    My Meyer lemon always OVER produces blossoms and baby fruit. It is quite normal for it to drop a lot of the baby fruit before they fully develop. However, my tree produces fruit year round and we always have more than enough to use for cooking and lemonade and to give to friends and family.

    You should place your tree in the warmest spot in your yard. Up against a wall, fence or building that faces S or SW would be ideal. The reflected heat will help.

    If you are not going to plant it in the ground, make sure that you have a VERY large pot.

    Good Luck!! This is one plant worth fighting for!!!


  9. 12

    Mel Meister says

    I’ve had a meyers lemon tree in my back yard for 10 years. It’s no bigger than it was when I planted it (about 3 ft high) and has never had blooms or lemons. I think they must be very hard to grow.

  10. 13

    Denise ~ justquiltin says

    Once you have picked 40 lemons the tree will have paid for itself! Just last weekend we had Meyer lemons in my local grocery store – we normally don’t get them here – and they were just over a dollar a each.