Scarf Finished

This is the first thing I’ve woven on the loom in almost 2 years.


I finished it last night.  I showed it to Vince.

Vince:  How long did it take you?
Me:  Not too long.  I don’t work on it every day.
Vince:  More than a year?
Me:  VINCE!  You helped me put the loom together a few weeks ago and it wasn’t on there then.
Vince:  Oh . . you remembered how to use the loom.
Me:  I had to take a class (which I had already told him about!)
Vince:  Where?  (He knows I never leave the house!)
Vince:  How much was that?
Me:  Less than $20.
Vince:  Oh, that’s better than $300.
Me:  Have I ever paid $300 for a weaving class?
Vince:  I hope not!

Do you ever get the feeling that your husband isn’t paying one bit of attention to what you’re saying and he thinks he’s contributing something meaningful to the conversation and he’s making no sense at all?  Men!


I think it turned out very pretty, though the sock yarn takes a long time to weave into any decent length.


Warp: KnitPicks Telemark (sport weight), color:  Dove Heather
Weft:  Mystery Sock Yarn (as in the label is missing and I don’t have a clue what it was)
Heddle:  12
Width:  6″
Length:  66″ not counting fringe.

Next on the weaving agenda – a couple of tea towels.


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    pdudgeon says

    Oh i had to laugh! My hubby would have said the same things, except he would have added “I thought you agreed not to start anything new until you finished all those UFO’s! Poor man–he doesn’t know the diference between a planned quilt waiting to be started ( i have about 50 of those) and a UFO ( a whopping 3 of those)
    the scarf is really beautiful. I bet you’ll get lots of compliments on it, and even moreso when you tell the listener “Thank you. I made it myself!”

    • 6.1

      Helen Koenig1 says

      Your dh sounds like he may be related to my ds (Mom! I thought you weren’t going to start anything new until you finish those UFOs!) Yeah – right!!! NOT

  2. 7

    Pat C in Washington says

    Your stories of Vince crack me up! When my mom and dad were a newly-married couple in the 1940’s my mom asked my dad “why don’t you read to me while I sew?” My dad replied “why don’t you sew to me while I read?” One of my favorite stories of their discovering each other’s likes and dislikes.

  3. 8

    Diana in RR Texas says

    Great scarf Judy. I always admire weaving and watching some one weave. No I have enough projects so I am not going to tackle that one, yet! And yes, husbands are pretty much the same! Sometimes it’s good when they aren’t listening to closely!

  4. 9

    Crystal D-G in WA says

    Love the scarf. It’s very pretty. Love Vince’s comments. It will always remind you that less than $20 is better than $300. 🙂

  5. 10

    Helen Koenig1 says

    Love the scarf, Judy! Question – with all the info on pooling on socks – it occurs to me that it might be possible to pool – or something similar – with a scarf. Is it?

  6. 12

    Denise ~ justquiltin says

    It turned out lovely! What kind of yarn do you use for your tea towels?

  7. 14


    Your scarf is very pretty. Makes me want to buy a small loom. Yes, men must take a course on how to listen and not “hear” what you are really saying! lol

  8. 17

    Mel Meister says

    I can always tell when my husband isn’t paying attention to me and I ALWAYS ask him what the last thing I was saying was. GRRRRRRRR…… LOL!

  9. 18

    Valorie Spanogle says

    Very pretty, I love the colors. Love reading your homey posts, makes me feel like my dh has more than one brother out there.