Stash Report – Week 20, 2013

Nothing used, nothing added! Can I please count seeds planted or weeds pulled just so I’ll have something to show for my week? 🙂

Used this Week: 0 yards
Used year to Date: 107 yards
Added this Week: 0 yards
Added Year to Date: 13 yards
Net Used for 2013: 94 yards


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    pdudgeon, says

    Judy, maybe you could start a weekly Pantry/freezer report during the Summer and Fall months, for reporting all the canning and freezing work that come from your gardening.
    Just an idea, but i think it might really take off and fly.

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    Our foremothers never got much quilting done during the gardening and preserving months either. Altho we have lots of things to help that they never did….. like instant hot water and indoor plumbing. I often wonder how they managed everything they had to do.

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    AngieG9 says

    Cathy, they did it BECAUSE they had to. So far this year I’ve made exactly 1 quilt block. But I’ve knit 20 scarves to donate to various charities. And tomorrow will start making squash relish, then green tomato relish, laundry detergent, more hand loton, since I’ve already given away my first batch. MS relapse seems to be over, so now I can get busy doing the things I love to do. I’ll also check out the pine cones across the street to see if they are still good, and bring them home if they are to start my Christmas ornaments. This year will be a homemade Christmas here.