Idle Threats!

Vince was in my sewing room “helping” with my fabric choices.  He picked up three skeins of yarn that I hadn’t gotten around to putting out of sight.



Think of this conversation . . with me trying to be very nonchalant, when I’m wanting to say “Get out of here NOW!” You would have to know his feelings for The Loopy Ewe to appreciate this conversation.  Truly, he loves TLE and Sheri but he likes to give me a hard time.  Really .. who knows if banks are completely safe these days.  It’s much better to invest the life savings in yarn, right?  🙂

Vince:  Oh, Oh!  What’s this?
Me:  Looks like yarn!
Vince:  What kind of yarn?
Me:  Hmm . . my guess is sock yarn.
Vince:  Where did it come from?
Me:  Hmm . . probably from some yarn shop in Colorado . . Fort Collins maybe!
Vince:  THE LOOPY EWE!  That’s it!  I’m sending it back!

Yeah . . sure . . how many more days did you say you’re off?

All the while I was very thankful that the Wolmeise I snagged last week will not arrive til Tuesday and he will be back at work on Tuesday.


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    You two are so funny. I have no doubt he’s just like Paul – he wants you to have what it takes to make you happy, and he likes to give you a hard time. =) Yes, banks fail all the time. When’s the last time yarn failed? LOL

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    Tell him he’s only allowed to return it if he brings it back in person. (And then I’ll slip it back to you when he’s not looking ….)

  3. 4

    Julie says

    The Wolmeise I ordered the day it was put up, came today. I’m so pleased with it! And, I have my fabric for the Road to…. All around, it has been a good day.

  4. 5

    AngieG9 says

    Oh, he looks so ferocious — just like a little kitty cat. I had to hide things too while I was married, then bring them out a few days later, and when Edd would ask where it came from I would innocently tell him I got it out of the closet. Not REALLY a lie, was it?

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    Diana in RR, TX says

    No wonder he and Galen got along so well when we met. So far he hasn’t said boo when yarn arrives. He has been guilty of trying to convince my lqs that they should rent fabric. Afterall we just look at, play with it and that’s it! Of course he is teasing and could care less.

  6. 7

    Linda Smith says

    Look at that expression! I love it. I will laugh all night. Thanks for cheering up my evening!

  7. 9

    Donna F says

    What an innocent sweet face! I should make him a pair of socks, a pink pair!! He can wear them with his crocs! Judy, I think he just needs some attention from you that’s why he’s in your sewing room. Too bad he doesn’t have any chores to do around the house. LOL

  8. 10

    Diana says

    Doesn’t Miss Hattie need someone to find her eggs ? LOL awww how precious .. Dearest Hubs just tosses mine and says oops when it lands on the floor .. Oh Yes I chastise him .. LOL
    I hear Miss Hattie calling .. LOL