Chef’s Choice Waffle Maker

I’m pretty bad about mentioning on here when I buy something new and then never telling you what I think about it once I’ve used it a while.

One of the things I bought and have used for about 1-1/2 years now is my waffle maker.

Waffle Maker

It’s the Chef’s Choice Model 850 waffle maker.  We use it at least once a week, sometimes twice a week.  I’ve never had to wash it.  If it runs over, and most of the time it doesn’t, once it’s cooled down, I simply wipe it with a dry paper towel and it’s clean.  The waffles have never stuck to the pan and I don’t have to oil the iron.

I love it and, even though it’s a bit expensive, I highly recommend it!



  1. 1

    AngieG9 says

    Don’t have to wash it? Now THAT’s my kind of appliance. It is now on my list, after the new food processor, because the old waffle iron is about ready for the old waffle iron home in the city dump. And I can’t wait to have a stockpile of waffles in the freezer for when the grandkids come to visit. They can all just fix their own breakfast that way and I won’t have to cook at 4 different times depending on what time they get up.

  2. 2

    Vivian Oaks says

    I LOVE Belgian waffles, but that’s a bit out of my price range! When you said expensive, I was thinking about half of what it was on Amazon! My waffle iron I bought from Sears right after I got married, and it’s got double-sided irons. The second side is for pizzels.(sp.?) I make those for Christmas every year. (We’ve been married 35 years, so it’s certainly paid for itself!) 🙂

  3. 3

    Diana says

    Have you made dessert waffles yet ? Oh Yummy and they passed the Dearest hubs test this past weekend. He couldn’t get enough of them with ice cream, whipped cream and caramel sauce. He was in heaven (so he tells me !LOL), and wants me to make it again and again .. LOL

  4. 4

    Cindy says

    When you have an old appliance that is ready for the junk yard, a fun thing I used to do when my kids were little was to let them take it apart to see how it works. I cut the electric cord off at the point it connected to the machine and then let them loose! They needed to wear safety glasses but then used hammers, screwdrivers, etc to get inside. They took apart everything from hairdryers to telephones, to toasters! It was fun and hopefully they learned a little too.

  5. 5

    Kathleen says

    Oh dear!!! Since I want what you have cause I know it will be good, guess I’ll have to get one of these (I do need one since mine sticks).