Getting it Done – July, 2013

Where did the weekend go?  And the first half of 2013 . . where did it go?  All day I’ve been thinking about getting the Getting it Done post up and haven’t had time to sit down and do it but . . at least I’m getting it done before July begins!

My list for June:

  • Finish piecing Road to Llano top for my friend.  Done!
  • Quilt Road to Llano.  Done!
  • Bind Road to Llano.
  • Finish purple/green Road to Llano top.  Done!

The quilt for my friend is more than half quilted and I’m hoping to get it finished tonight so I’m counting it as done.  The binding isn’t done but I’ll get that done and in the mail to her as soon as I know she’s home from the hospital and able to receive packages.

My list for July:

  • Bind Road to Llano top for my friend.
  • Quilt Road to Llano for Chad.
  • Bind Road to Llano for Chad.
  • Finish piecing blue, gold and red top.

What’s on your list for July and how did you do with your June projects?  There’s no “failing” here  . . just motivating so if you didn’t get as much done as you had hoped, brush off the cobwebs and get more done in July.  June is pretty much history . . no use thinking back on what we didn’t get done . . just move forward.

Please share a link to your blog post with your June items checked off (or not) and your July list.

Stash Report – Week 26, 2013

This week I used 11.5 yards for the second Road to Llano quilt and another 3 yards of some ugly fabric to cut up for tying the tomatoes.  Nothing added.

My goal is to use a net of 280 yards this year so since this is the end of the first half of 2013 as far as stash reports go, I think I’m close enough that if I stay on track, I can reach 280 yards by the end of the year.

Used this Week: 14.5 yards
Used year to Date: 148 yards
Added this Week: 0 yards
Added Year to Date: 13 yards
Net Used for 2013: 135 yards

Road to Brenham

This is the Road to Brenam quilt we’ll do as the next Quilt Along.  It will begin on Monday, August 12.

Note:  If links are not in color and underlined, they are not active yet.  Instructions will be posted Monday, Thursday and Saturday and may be found on the blog.  It may take a day or two to get the links copied here so if you want the newest instructions, check on the blog.

Alternate Colors
Fabric Requirements
Fabric Chart
Instructions #1
Instructions #2
Instructions #3
Instructions #4
Instructions #5
Instructions #6
Instructions #7
Instructions #8
Instructions #9
Instructions #10
Instructions #11
Instructions #12
Instructions #13
Instructions #14
Instructions #15

Road to Brenham

The finished size of the quilt will be 96″ x 96″.

Within the next week I will post fabric requirements and additional drawings showing the quilt in other colors.

Brenham is located in central east Texas . . about 1-1/2 hours from Houston (though I think it takes that long just to get out of Houston!) and, according to the 2010 census, has a population of about 16,000.   A bit more about Brenham, Texas . . if you want to know more, you can visit the Brenham/Washington County website.

It’s been many years since I was in Brenham but it is a beautiful area . . in the middle of bluebonnet country.  About 20 years ago, I bought several climbing roses at the Antique Rose Emporium and the last time I was past the house where I planted them, one of the climbing roses had about taken over the neighborhood . . was a great bloomer and a gorgeous rosebush considering it probably doesn’t get much attention.  I think I’ll order a couple of climbing roses to feed the grasshoppers and see if I have any luck with them here.

Like other Quilt Alongs, instructions will be posted Monday, Thursday and Saturday.  I have not written the pattern yet but will let you know the approximate duration as soon as I know.

Road to Llano #12

This is the final instructions for Road to Llano.  Thanks for trusting me enough to start this project with me.  I try to always share good instructions and I hope I never let you down.  I know it’s a big investment to buy the fabric, not to mention the investment of your time.  I hope you’re always happy with my projects.  It makes me kinda sad to see this one end.  Seems like just yesterday we were looking at and discussing fabric colors.

I had hoped to finish this project by the end of June and we barely made it!  How has this project been for you?  I think I was more worried about writing the instructions than the actual construction.  As I made the second quilt, I realized it wasn’t so hard after all.

NOTE:  When sewing the border blocks together, pay attention to the end blocks on the top and bottom borders.  One corner block on the top and one on the bottom borders are turned differently to align with the side border blocks.

Road to Llano

Here’s your border chart.

Note:  For Border #1, the top and bottom width is different from the side border width.  That is correct.

Note:  In the drawing, the gold along the outer edge is the binding . . not another border.

Also, because of the bias edges, these borders are going to seem short.  Work that fullness in .. these numbers are correct.  This is a very good example of how easy it would be to get a quilt totally out of whack if we were to sew strips to the top without knowing what the measurements should be.

Border Chart

Border Chart

I hope you have enjoyed this project and I hope you finish your quilt!

The next quilt along will be the Road to Brenham which will begin in mid-August.