Camp Loopy Project One – Done!

Yay!  I finished my 3S Shawl last night.  During the knitting process, I actually spent more time with the calculator than with the knitting needles. First, I calculated how many rows I needed to make to get to 200 stitches on each needle.  Then I timed how long it took me to make each row and then calculated how long it would take me to get the necessary number of rows done.  As I added more stitches to each row, the row got longer and therefore, took longer to complete so I had to calculate all over again.  Why did I care?  I’m so weird!

3S Shawl

It still needs to be blocked . . maybe tonight.

And, all the math was for naught.  I only got about 180 stitches on each side before getting to the end of the yarn.  This is how much I ended up with!  These skeins have 430 yards so I’m guessing I used close to 400 yards.

Leftover Yarn

Leftover Yarn

Even after the bellyaching I did about the yarn being more variegated than I wanted, I love it!  I can’t wait til I’m skinny winter comes again and I can wear it with jeans and a white sweater or shirt.

Love the pattern!  It was so easy! I can do it without having to count or pay attention to what I’m doing.  Love the shawl . . it will be great for chasing away the chill on our barely chilly winter days.  Cannot wait to make another one . . some day.

Pattern:  3S Shawl
Yarn:  Three Irish Girls Adorn Sock
Color:  Storm Brew


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    I really like the 3S shawl and joined Ravelry because of it. I am a little confused though, is it done on a circular needle or straight needles? Your chicken stories are very entertaining!

  2. 3

    Maggie says

    That will be awesome with a white top and jeans- like a nice hug you can give yourself.

  3. 7

    AngieG9 says

    It’s beautiful Judy. I love the colors, the way they blend. You really did cut it close, but it will be great this winter.

  4. 8


    Love it. I am still slaving away on my is a simple scarf pattern but I am such a slow knitter . I am just hoping I am done before the deadline. I absoluty love the color. Might have to put it on my to do list. Off to knit some more before bed..just keep knitting..just keep knitting

  5. 10

    Mel Meister says

    Lovely! I envy you. I still have the 2nd sock to go before project 1 is done. I just started the cuff today.

  6. 12

    Amy (Waunaknit) says

    I LOVE it, but hope it’ll be a long while before you have to wear it! I’m not ready for winter yet….although tomorrow is supposed to be close to 90 and very humid.