Road to Llano #10

Today, we assemble the blocks into the top.  This quilt is set on point in rows as shown below.

whole with rows

The pink lines indicate the rows.

Refer to how the blocks were labeled here (Block A, B and C).

  • The 6 “A” blocks go down the two middle rows.
  • The 10 “B” blocks go around the perimeter, except the corners.
  • The 4 “C” blocks go on the corners.

Remember, there are bias edges and these can work with you or against you.  If your seams don’t match up perfectly on their own, you can do a little manipulating and then with some steam, everything will be fine.  Because there are bias edges, you may have to do a bit of extra pinning to get everything to stay where you want it and not “grow” as you sew.

At this point, your top should measure real close to 51″ x 63-1/2″.  Since it’s on point, the exact numbers are a bit weird (50.912″ x 63.640″).  We’re going to use the 51″ x 63-1/2″ going forward.  This is one of those instances where rounding off is fine and we’re talking about very, very small amounts.


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    wow!!!! i have started to put mine together and am just amazed at the beauty of it. i have made ALOT of quilts in my time, but i believe that this one is going to be one of my finest. THANK YOU judy!!! i will post some pictures soon.