Road to Llano #12

This is the final instructions for Road to Llano.  Thanks for trusting me enough to start this project with me.  I try to always share good instructions and I hope I never let you down.  I know it’s a big investment to buy the fabric, not to mention the investment of your time.  I hope you’re always happy with my projects.  It makes me kinda sad to see this one end.  Seems like just yesterday we were looking at and discussing fabric colors.

I had hoped to finish this project by the end of June and we barely made it!  How has this project been for you?  I think I was more worried about writing the instructions than the actual construction.  As I made the second quilt, I realized it wasn’t so hard after all.

NOTE:  When sewing the border blocks together, pay attention to the end blocks on the top and bottom borders.  One corner block on the top and one on the bottom borders are turned differently to align with the side border blocks.

Road to Llano

Here’s your border chart.

Note:  For Border #1, the top and bottom width is different from the side border width.  That is correct.

Note:  In the drawing, the gold along the outer edge is the binding . . not another border.

Also, because of the bias edges, these borders are going to seem short.  Work that fullness in .. these numbers are correct.  This is a very good example of how easy it would be to get a quilt totally out of whack if we were to sew strips to the top without knowing what the measurements should be.

Border Chart

Border Chart

I hope you have enjoyed this project and I hope you finish your quilt!

The next quilt along will be the Road to Brenham which will begin in mid-August.


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    Beautiful Judy. I WILL make this quilt. Just don’t know when yet, but the colors are so pretty. I have a feeling if I make it though my granddaughter will snatch it out of my hands the second it’s finished, since purple is “her” color..

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    Mary Arline Smith says

    Judy, I have enjoyed the journey you have provided for us. I look forward to mid August.
    “Thank you!” Mary Arline

  3. 3

    johnniek says

    finally got all the material I need for. Have made all my copies, and plan on starting the quilt on 7-1, will be sending pictures of my slow progress. Thanks so much, Judy, for sharing this pattern. Johnnie K.

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    Another wonderful quilt with fabulous directions. You do a great job and I enjoy every one I do. Thank you for sharing so generously. I was looking at longarms again today. There’s no dealer in TN, so I feel perfectly fine coming to you when the day comes, if I can afford a Lenni. =)

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    Dana Pellerin says

    Thanks again for all you do. I wonder if everyone really realizes how much time and effort goes into writing and designing these quilts. I love all your quilts and each one I see I just have to make. Dana

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    lynne quinsland says

    judy, i am having a problem with the border measurements. if the border #2 sides are 57 1/2 and then the top and bottom are added, then they are 60 1/2……i then have enough room for only 20 pieced border parts and not 21… i doing something wrong?

    • 7.1


      What I’m seeing is that the sides are 66″ finished and the top and bottom borders are 1-1/2″ (each) finished so that’s 3 + 66 = 69″. The border blocks are 3″ so that means 23 fit on the sides.

      The top border is 57″ finished but then the side border blocks are added (the piece ones at 3″ each) so that’s 57 + 6 = 63″. At 3″ finished, 21 blocks fit.

      Not sure what you’re doing differently but it should work with the numbers and measurements given.

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    Margaret Dukes says

    Oh my goodness! Someone on the Quilting Board posted this website, so I clicked to check it out. How amazing! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the “Road to” quilts! My grandparents owned a home on Lake Buchanan, so us grandkids spent our summers with them, which was the MOST memorable time of our lives. A few years ago, my siblings organized a family reunion on the property that had once belonged to them, that is now Willow Point Resort. What emotions it stirred up in all of us – tears, laughter and wonderful memories. Again, THANK YOU, and I plan to make ALL of the “Road to” quilts so the memories will live on forever and be passed down to the next generation!!!!….
    Margaret Dukes

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    Kathy U. says

    Thanks so much, Judy….I absolutely love this quilt….and even though I didn’t quite keep up with you…(I’m still on #5) I will finish the quilt….it’s great the rest of the instructions are posted here in one spot….please don’t take them down for at least 6 months…ha ha….Wow…you are one FAST quilter! I’m impressed…and I can’t wait for Road to Brenham to begin…I’ve determined I’ll keep up with you on that one! I was hooked on your blog with Sunny Side Up….and I’m still working on Back to Square One….Thanks again….