Help for Summer Feet

Be thankful there’s no photo with this post!  My feet are terrible.  Flip flops and dirt . . (my feet are always dirty from being in the garden) cause my heels to be rough and have splits.  I’ve tried so many products – creams, home pedicure kits, even prescription cream, which worked but was expensive.  I had been seeing on Facebook that Listerine could be used as a soak so tonight I decided to try it.  What I found said to use 1 part Listerine and 2 parts warm water and soak  your feet for 20 minutes.  I made the mistake of going in the bathroom and sitting there with my feet soaking with nothing but the iPad and 20 minutes was an eternity.  Tomorrow or the next day, I’ll do it during the day and sit on the porch and knit.

I used Wal-Mart brand “similar to Listerine” and it worked great.  My feet were softer after 5 minutes.  I’m not sure how they’ll feel in the morning but even after taking a shower, they still feel cool and tingly.  After a hot day of working outside, that alone makes it worth doing but if my feet end up being softer and not to splitty, that will be great.

I also read that an Epsom Salt soak was good but I didn’t have any Epsom Salt that I could put my hands on quickly so I’ll try that another day.

Try the Listerine and see what you think . . I love the cool feeling right now!

Chad’s Polished Nails

Two stories about Chad’s escapades really stand out in my mind.  He was about 3 as I recall.  We (ex-husband and I) had moved to Jasper, Texas and it was not a good move.  We had just built our dream home.  This was a more recent picture of the house but we lived there almost 2 years and had put so much of our blood, sweat and tears into planning and building it.  I was not ready to leave it behind just two years after building it.


The first people who looked at the house bought it and I surely wasn’t expecting that.  We moved into a rental in Texas that I had not seen (sound a bit familiar?) but it was awful.  It was dirty, it was small and I didn’t like living there.

We ended up buying a house fairly soon and it was probably one of my all time favorite houses but I still wasn’t happy living in Texas and that’s the reason that I told Vince I would move anywhere in the south with him, but not Texas.  See where that got me!  🙂

Anyway, I was an overprotective mom  .. everyone who knows me and especially Chad will vouch for that so how he managed to pull these two stunts, I’ll never know.

First, I had a sofa that I loved and it had big flowers.  I was sitting and sewing while Chad was playing in the living room floor.  The Schwans man drove up, I put my sewing down and went out for just a minute.  Came in and he was standing by the sofa with his hands behind his back and a very sheepish look on his face.  What’s wrong, Chad?  He brought his hands forward and he was holding a flower . . he had cut a huge square out of my sofa with my very sharp, tiny Gingher embroidery scissors.

Second was the nail polishing incident.  The house we bought didn’t have a sewing room but it had a huge living room off the foyer so we closed that opening, made a door going into that room off the hallway, added closets and shelves and I had a sewing room.  We replaced all the carpet in the house when we moved in.

I lost sight of Chad for a few minutes and began calling him.  He came down the hallway (white carpet) into the sewing room (blue carpet) dripping what I thought was blood.  I was in a panic thinking he was hurt, til he told me he had polished his nails.  A whole bottle of red nail polish had dripped down the hallway carpet and into my sewing room on that carpet.

I’ll never forget the look on his face.  He was standing there with his arms out and his feet apart . . I guess that’s what it looked like to him when I was sitting still with my fingernails and toenails drying.

We had just put the carpet in and the carpet folks were able to replace the hallway carpet.  The blue carpet had red spots on it til the day we moved out.

We moved out after a fire and all the carpet was replaced but I never went back after the fire but I do know the insurance company replaced it all.  I know Chad has heard this story dozens of times but I wonder if he remembers it from his own memory.

See . . my life has been kinda exciting ever since I can remember!  🙂

The Stash Reports

Every year it’s the same. In January, we have lots of folks making stash reports.  As the year progresses, more and more drop out.  I can’t say that I blame you.  I started out with several projects that have fallen by the wayside.  Our first stash report for 2013, we had 53 reports.

Stash Report

As of last night, the halfway point in 2013, we were down to 23 stash reports.

Stash Reports

If it’s just too much trouble, or you’ve lost interesting in quilting or busting the stash, I understand.  If it’s because you’ve added too much fabric and you’re embarrassed, I understand that too.  For several years, I was in that boat.  You’re welcome to report how much you’ve used and not even show how much you’ve added, if that makes you happier.

I’m just posting this because some of you thought it was a good idea in January and if you still think it’s a good idea, the second half of 2013 begins with next week’s report so hop back on that wagon and get those stash reports written.

I find that it helps me so much knowing I’m accountable.  Some weeks, when I really could find time to sew and just haven’t, just knowing that I need something to report gets me to the sewing machine and once I get there, I never want to stop.

You do not have to know how much fabric is in your stash. You can report only what you’ve used or what you’ve used and what you’ve added.  If you started the year with us or even if you didn’t, the beginning of the second half of 2013 is a great time to join the stash reports and commit to busting the stash.